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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Save a Horse...Ride a Cowboy.

I was paid some semi-compliments today that got my mind churning.
First, I was asked by an ex-coworker if I had any new men or "hot dates" in my life. She reassured me that I was "truly a beautiful person, and I will find someone who deserves my time soon enough." ...I'm not quite sure if I'm on the same page as she was...but for now, I'm ok with that.
A mom at little-man's school told me she thought I was 35. This stung. I love to go to the bars...I will even get out and act a fool on the dance was this chica telling me she thought of me as the lady in the bar who should be at home and in bed by 10? What makes someone come across as being ten years OLDER than they actually are? I need to go on the TLC show about appearing ten years younger? I just don't get it. One of little-man's teachers always says to me how young she is...she's a year and a half younger than me. Whenever she makes a comment like that to me, I look at her and say "WE'RE THE SAME AGE!" She shrugs me off, and continues on with her random gabbing. I really just don't get it. Have I lived a bunch of past lives that is making me come across as older? Do I need to start looking for a man who is ten years older than me? I am a firm believer in age being a number after a certain point in your life...but lets be real for a moment. Guys like young girls...and if I'm coming across as a thirty five year old to darn-near strangers, than I'm gonna hafta start looking in the 50+ dating pool...and last time I checked, I was NOT interested in dating one of my dad's friends. I'm almost to the point where I feel as if I am destined to be single. I am destined to be a single mom (soon to be single If that entails me passing up on men old enough to be my father, than I'm alright with that. Thank god for Cowboy's.

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