Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Wonder Years.

I get by with a little help from my friends!!

Lately, I've been exploring my options. I've got a few things brewing and before I jump head-first into a foot of water, I'm making my best attempt at collecting some data.

Feel like helping me out? THANKS! It's very simple, really. All I am asking you to do is click on this link. It's a six question survery (multiple choice) and LITERALLY takes 30 seconds to complete.

What's the survey about? Diaper cakes.

No, it's not a cake made out of pooh. It's a bunch of CLEAN diapers, constructed into the shape of tiered wedding cake, adorned with fun baby trinkets and things to help out new parents. It's difficult to explain, and challenging to picture in your head without seeing one for yourself.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a photo of my most recent creation (to give you a better idea of what a cake made out of diapers looks like...)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Either my son has been possessed by a demon, or he's just acting three. The truth is, I can't be too sure.

My only request was for him to pick up his toys. Lately, when I've asked him to do so he replies by showing my HOW to STEP OVER THEM. Cute..but not really. I'm sick of stepping over/on toys. He has a bucket shelf's very easy.

See toys.
See buckets.
Put toys in buckets.

My guess is he thinks I'm making him play in his room alone when I ask him to pick up his toys and put them in his room...Our communication styles just aren't meshing.

So what did I do to counter his refusal to pick up his toys? I told him I was throwing them out and placed every toy I could find on the floor in a garbage bag. Moves like that put kids in therapy...but I feel like I'm at my whits end with him.

He was around his cousin this past weekend...and lets just say (for the sake of being nice) that his cousin's attitude is nail bitingly annoying (don't get me wrong...I love her DEARLY...I'm just not digging her attitude lately is all...yes, I'm going to hell).

Let me be the first to sarcastically tell you that I LOVE WHEN MY NIGHTS CONSIST OF FIGHTING WITH MY ATTITUDE RIDDEN TODDLER.

His saving grace is how he can flip on his sweet side almost instantaneously. After I had hugged and kissed him goodnight, I asked him if we were going to have a good day tomorrow...His response? "I love you mom. Have nice dreams. We're gonna have a good day tomorrow."

Bless his heart.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Game Needs Polishing.

Bachelorette parties can be a BLAST! Last Saturday night was no exception. A great friend of mine is tying the knot at the end of August and this past Saturday was her "last hoorah"*. We ate great food, shared many laughs and equally as many shots of vodka. Our fun group ventured downtown with calculators around our necks...because the bride to be is an Actuary.
Many speakers were danced upon, and many poles were tended to.
However...let me tell you about me at the first bar we were at. All of us are dancing...we had planned on going to a few bars that night, and were about to head out to the next venue. I start doing some crazy-awesome dance moves with a guy (the calculator was a great starting point...a bit ironic considering how geeky a calculator necklace is). Then I (apparently) told the guy I needed to round up my friends..I was very concerned about keeping everyone together (a little too concerned I guess!!).
Once everyone got outside, a friend of mine came up to me shouting "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" We were both laughing. She witnessed the whole thing..she said he was really sweet and cute..and walked away looking like a kid who had lost his puppy when I unintentionally rejected him. I guess I need to work on my game a little bit more!
You can put the mom in downtown Minneapolis...but apparently you can't take the mama-hen outta the mom! Lucky for me, I'll have a chance to redeem myself as I head out to another bachelorette party this weekend!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


They always sneak up on me. There I am, minding my own business...and BAM! A migraine is upon me.

My vision becomes skewed. If I look at your face, I usually can only see your right eye. If I don't v-line for a dark room and a bed to sleep it off, I get extremely nauseous and my head begins to pound. Even the mere thought of the twinkling stars that cover the back of my eyelids as I lay in my bed, making a desperate attempt to fall asleep, makes my stomach churn.

Yes, I've seen doctors for this. Back in college, when I had five really strong migraines in one week, I was given a prescription. The drug was a miracle! It knocked me flat out, in about fifteen minutes flat...and I woke up a bit groggy, but without the migraine. I wish I could remember what drug this was...but have since discovered Excedrin Migraine. It's my savior these days when I need relief.

What have the (more recent) doctors told me? That my symptoms sound like I'm having a stroke. If that's the case then I'm the most functioning stroke patient that I know! I've had an MRI done..I've been told by a neurologist that I should start daily regiments of drugs...but I won't do it. The thought of having a daily chemical dependency freaks me out too much to go through with abiding by the doctors suggestion.

I've narrowed down the onset to one of three things:
1. Hormones
2. Food Preservatives
3. Burning the candle at both ends

What caused my migraine last night? I haven't the could be one of the three reasons listed above. All I know is when I'm hit with sucks.

Hopefully you don't suffer from migraines like I do...they're really not a bowl full of cherries. I guess if this is the only health issue I have to deal with, I'm happy and lucky. Life might seem tough, but at lease I have my health (unless I've got a migraine!!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday Fun-Day

As of this Saturday, wedding season officially begins for me.

Two bachelorette parties, two weddings and a bridal six weeks.

Needless to say, my mom has stepped up and will be taking little man for four out of the five weekends (I'll be taking him to the bridal shower, most likely developing new grey hairs and wrinkles in the process).

So....with a FREE FRIDAY looming...this chick wants to be bad...and make bad look so good. Yeah, you read that right!

Friday night, HERE I COME!

Any ideas on how I should spend my free friday nights?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Fresh, So Clean.

Have you ever changed your laundry detergent? I know, such a "serious question."

Some people are die-hard Tide folks, while others are lean towards the alternative like Cheer, Gain or Era.

Me? I have two requirements for my laundry detergent.

1. Is it on sale?
2. Does it smell good?

If the answer is yes to both, then I'm not afraid to try it out. For a while, I used to swear that Era would make my clothes smell the best....then one day, Era was more expensive than I tried Tide.

It's funny though, some scents work better than others for me. I swear there's a Tide scent that makes my clothes smell like B.O. and there are other Tide scents that blow my mind. Tide with Febreeze? LOVE IT...until I recently caved in and tried April Fresh Tide with Downy. Be still my heart.

Why spend five minutes organizing my thoughts about laundry soap? Because I'm sitting at my desk, and have been continuously adorned with April Fresh with Downy smelling clothes for the past hour. I might have found a new lover favorite laundry soap peeps!

Do you have a fav detergent, or a failsafe one? Are you as off the wall as I am?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey peeps....I need a bit of input.

With recently cancelling cable, and loathing the digital reception of the local channels, I'm looking into subscribing to a movie service. The question? Which service should I go with, Netflix or Blockbuster???

Pros of Netflix:
It's well established
I know a few people that use it and like it
It's mostly affordable

Cons of Netflix:
They charge more for renting Blue Rays

Pros of Blockbuster:
They don't charge more for renting Blue Rays
For two dollars more a month I can exchange three movies in their store instead of having to wait for the mail
It's also mostly affordable

Cons of Blockbuster:
I don't know of many people who use it!!

Overall, I feel that either subscription will be reasonable for my budget. I thought about just sticking with RedBox, but they don't have the selection like Netflix and Blockbuster.

On average, I'm planning on renting about 8 movies a month (1/2 adult comedies, 1/2 kid-friendly family flicks).

Do you have any experience with either? Any words of wisdom, or helpful input? Anything at all??

Thanks for your help!

...and seriously...I'm still planning on revealing my contest winner...I suck. Period. The end.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where to start?

My mind is currently it's normal self; A constant whirlwind of thoughts that never stop bothering me.

I feel like I have so much to share, but can't tell where to start! That same feeling of "so much to do, where the eff do I start?!" greeted me at the office this morning as well.

I was privileged enough to have a four day weekend, and the first day back to the office (for me, at least) is spent going through emails and trying to sort out what was missed on my days off.

*A fun tidbit to share!! My toddler son says "Holy Shit" in the appropriate context. I couldn't be more proud mortified. At least he had the common courtesy to proclaim his cursing in the car...where it was only the two of us!

I guess it's high time I start a cursing fund for myself....The only trouble is I'm too broke to anty up! Ha...good times!!

Another fun tidbit to share...I (just so happened) to fun over little man's pointer finger with our Target cart on Friday morning. He was dinking around on the bottom of the cart, laying on his stomach...I told him five times to keep his hands off of the ground...and a minute later the cart was his pointer finger.
The nail was all but ripped out. It was traumatic for him, as well as myself. Not gonna lie, after about five minutes of showing little man my brave face I broke down in tears (in front of a target manager, and a target clinic physician). There's not a whole lot that breaks me...but seeing my baby in pain, and knowing I was the one who ultimately caused it was the straw that broke my "mommy-strong back."

We ended up in urgent care, and two more doctors later (the first, being seen briefly at Target) we left with a bandaged finger, a stock of fingertip band aids and a few packs of Neosporin.

All is well that ends well though. Little man is recovering, as is my guilty conscious.

Side note: Rented He's Just Not That Into You...and LOVED IT :). Pretty sure one of the characters is me...almost to a T.

*Thank you, Yahoo, for making my poor habits feel slightly more validated.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bullet List

I could (most likely) write out my weekend in great would most likely be the length of Gone With The Wind if I did so....instead, I'll rely on my friend the bullet list.

*Cleaned my car out
*Had the oil changed and three exterior lights replaced on my car
*Spent three days at a cabin about an hour from the Twin Cities (in Wisconsin)
*Lived in my swim suit as the cabin had a beautiful beach
*Ate delicious food
*partook in swimming one length of the lake
*took a ride on a paddle boat
*sat around a camp fire
*saw an actual blue bird for the first time in my life
*had some great conversations
*enjoyed a fun fireworks display put on by cabin neighbors

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a more lovely weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't hate the player....

Here's the scene:

Guy meets girl.
Girl thinks guy is cute.
Girl talks to guy.
Girl messages guy.
Guy messages girl back.
Girl mentions they should get together.
Guy replies positively.

How can Girl figure out if Guy likes her....possibly as more than just friends?

I hate the game.