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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My small literary muse is taking a break today. I don't feel like writing a long, drawn out post..and since I seem to be addicted to daily posting, I feel a strong urge to do so...

Weight lost since my crusade to become a MILF: 3lbs
Times I have completed a continuous mile on a treadmill: 2
Urge to have physical contact with a guy: CODE RED!
Confidence level: Mediocre
Overall Enthusiasm: Fair to High
Stains on my pants in an area that is embarrassing: 1
Holes in a precarious spot on workout pants only discovered when bent over while stretching staring at my large booty in the mirror: 1
Number of soda's consumed today: 0
Number of cups of coffee consumed today: 2
Support from friends: Insurmountable
Emotional support from family: Non-existent to meh
Number of ties I really have to cut: 1
Time cut by utilizing google blog reader: Hours upon hours each day
Length of time spent coaxing little-man to put his diaper back on after trying to go potty at 6am this morning: 10 minutes
Urge to complete my first life goal of donating my hair to locks of love: EXTREMELY HIGH!

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