Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacob's Hope.

Since I was only six years old, the day is completely foggy in my memory, but twenty years ago today, my life changed forever.
My mother is cousins with Patty Wetterling. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Patty's sons and one friend were biking up to a Tom Thumb in their small town of St. Joseph, MN. On a country road, a man stopped the three boys, telling them he had a gun. The man directed the boys to throw their bikes in a ditch, and lay face down in the dirt. The frightened boys obeyed, and when the man demanded Jacob to stand up and come to him, Jacob did so. The man then told the remaining two to run across a field towards trees, and if they turned around while doing so, he would kill Jacob.
Jacob was never seen again.
To this day, the story of Jacob Wetterling sends shivers down my spine, and brings tears to my eyes for many reasons.
With the close family ties I was kept on a very short leash from that day forward. If we went outside to play, one of my parents was always with...even if it was only to play in our front yard.
Looking back, I know my mom tried to shelter me from the horrible happenings of that day. It took me fifteen years to figure out the real story of how Jacob was taken, as all my parents told me as a child was "he was taken by a bad, bad person." I completely respect my parents' attempt to guard my childhood innocence in that way. Instead of attending searches, our family attended benefit concerts which included Jacob's favorite performer, Red Grammer. I remember having to dress up, and sit in an auditorium for what felt like forever. I knew we were there because someone horrible had taken a little boy that I was related to, but I still didn't "get it" (with good reason, of course).
Every single body that turned up in the news, found floating in the Mississippi River, made those around me whisper "I bet you that's Jacob" or "there's no WAY he's still alive". I scowled at the negativity. I would quickly respond with a mature "STOP IT! YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!"...which would lead into the grade school "oh yeah?", and I'd go "YEAH! You need to stop saying that...did you KNOW I WAS RELATED TO HIM?!"...For most kids, that was enough to shut them up, and for others, I'd have to explain the relation.
Jacob's grandmother, who I knew as Aunt Eunie (pronounced U-knee), was a Saint Paul native. Soon after her grandson was taken, she displayed a large sign made up of white christmas lights that read "Jacobs Hope", that was designed to change to "Jacobs Home" once he was found. The sign was displayed in her front window for years, but unfortunately, Aunt Eunie did not live to see the day of Jacob's safe return home.
As the years have passed, the pain I've felt for the Wetterling family, and all they've been put through has intensified. Maybe it's become more real because I couldn't imagine having the strength of Patty if something happened to little man. Maybe I've become more aware of the physically nauseating reality of losing a child (...?).
Seeing how Patty and her family have persevered, and become active in educating the public inspires me. Instead of wallowing, and letting Jacob's disappearance define her (them), she has been speaking publicly about child sex offenders, and informing the community in Minnesota, and across the nation, about how to talk with your children about strangers. She is, without a doubt, one of my heroes.

Today, I invite you to share in my hope.
My hope for Jacob, and his safe return home.
My hope for other families who have been tormented from childhood abductions.
My hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If, by some miraculous chance, you know details to assist in unfolding the mystery of Jacob's disappearance, please please PLEASE contact your local authorities.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Let's pretend there is a person in your life who drives you CRAZY. This person invites you to be in her wedding, but when she finds out she's pregnant and has to do a shotgun wedding (and plans the ENTIRE THING in less than two months) she turns to you for advice about how to cut her bridesmaids down from 8 to 5. She confides that she tried notifying the other 7 girls about this, and they all came back, assuming they'd still be in the wedding. And since we're playing the "pretend game", let's say you gave her your two-cents on the matter...which basically said they should feel honored to be included in the wedding as is, bridesmaid or not (not thinking you'd be the person excluded). forward to this "friend" ignoring you for two you confront the friend via email and ask her if she's ignoring you because she's demoting you from her wedding...and the friend tells you that you're no longer apart of the bridal party.
Keep in mind, this friend has NEVER said a positive thing about the other people she decided to keep in her wedding..and said she would've asked YOU to be her maid of honor but knew the other girls would get EXTREMELY dramatic about it.
After an afternoon of exchanging horribly dramatic emails, you feel like this friend isn't as close as you once had originally you decide it's best to just cut off all ties, and fore go the entire thing.

Is that the wrong thing to do?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recipe for Smiles

1 Mixed CD
2 sets of lungs for singing
1 Bedtime Story
1 Giggling Toddler
Hugs and Kisses as desired

Insert CD into car while driving home. Play tracks at high volume, during which time, begin to use 2 sets of lungs to belt out the tunes as loud as you can. Once home, go inside and put pajamas on. Proceed to bed and read one (1) bedtime story to one (1) giggling toddler.

Insert hugs and kisses as needed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can't recall publicly admitting this, but one of my most embarrassing guilty pleasures is watching TMZ. Yeah, that's right. A ridiculously immature, yet extremely hilarious program that highlights paparazzi semi-stalking celebrities with video cameras, asking them ridiculous questions.
Last night, the asked the guy who hosts America's Most Wanted if he could help Jessica Simpson find the Coyote that took her dog*. See? Funny stuff.
The only gripe I have is that TMZ is on late at night (too late for me really...but I just can't resist it!!).
No matter what kind of day I'm having, I know that at 10:30 I can flip on the television and watch a 30 minute program that
Do you watch any television programs that make you laugh out loud?

*in case you live in a cave, Jessica Simpson's dog, Daisy, was stolen by a wild Coyote...never to be found again...sad, right? (a story I also learned about via TMZ).

**I also laugh out loud at How I Met Your Mother, and The Office.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Sigh.

Today, I am happy.
Some would call me crazy...but if you knew me, you'd already know I'm all sorts of crazy.
The past few days have been whimsical. It has snowed in my neck of the woods...the first time in seven years we've had snow this early, and it makes me smile. Granted, I don't have many negative repercussions in terms of snow. I don't have to shovel or plow. I'm allowed the joys of kicking back, watching the flakes peacefully fall, and soaking it all up.
Since the first measurable snow came so early this year, it melted ALMOST as fast as it poured down. The air outside was warm while the flakes drifted down..unlike December when the air is generally VERY cold and frigid.
Some are claiming that summer went straight to winter...but they're overlooking the fact that September in MN had temperatures consistently higher than normal...if anything, the MN fall has been AWESOME thus far.
This morning, the sun has been shining. The leaves that are still clinging to the trees are glistening. The realization that the holidays are right around the corner can't escape my mind...and I am happy. Happy because the holidays mean seeing people....and people generally make me feel warm and loved.
At the first sight of snow, little man came rip-roaring into my room shouting "MOM! MOM! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (bless his heart). I had to pull out my calendar to explain to him that Christmas was still a couple of months away...but lucky for me, his excitement was contagious.
I'm not only excited to be around people this holiday season...but also excited to show and teach him the importance and shear awesomeness of giving. Be it to a food shelter, or a toys for tots goal this year is not to shower him with gifts, but show him how to shower others around him.
So yeah...I'm happy today. Happy for the weather. Happy for my health. Happy for what's to come. Plain and simple, I'm happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tired Eyes

My thoughts on this weekend will hopefully group together soon. In a nutshell, I was at the Twins playoff game last night..and it was emotionally and physically draining. We lost, but I still love (and think) the boys that make up the Twinkies are hometown heros.

Sorry kids, but this chick has to focus on waking up right now. The coffee just isn't doing it!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunshine Committee

I rarely write about work. It's a taboo subject that makes me uneasy to write about..but this...THIS, I cannot resist.

Our office is having casual Twins attire day to celebrate the 163rd tie-breaker game against the Detroit Tigers, taking place today at 4pm Central time.

Not gonna lie, this day has me giddy. The Twins always seem to make a run for the playoffs interesting, and if I had more time on my hands, I'd research the facts for ya...woe is me.

If you are unfamiliar with the Minnesota Twins, let alone Major League Baseball (MLB), here are some cliffs notes that will help you understand how awesome the Twins are.

The MLB is divided into two leagues: National and American. In each league, there are a couple of divisions. Each division has a champ that makes it to the playoffs (aka, the run for the World Series), and each league has a "wild card" (aka, the team with the most wins that DOESN'T win their division).

The Twins have a few great competitors in their division, however, they're all on the lower end of the pay scale compared to the Yankee's and the Red Sox. The biggest competitors for MN are usually Detroit and Chicago.

In a nutshell, Minnesota has been on fire this past month, making up a large deficit the Detroit Tigers held over their head. I think I'm elated because about a month ago, everyone in my office had lost hope this day would come...except for me. I never gave up on the Twinkies....I always knew they could make it this far...and I have faith that they'll prevail and allow the Dome to have one more playoff run, and perhaps even a World Series to boot.


Monday, October 5, 2009

BEEEP! BEEEP! We Interrupt this Program....

I swear...If I get ONE MORE TELEPHONE call from the Star Tribune asking if I want to subscribe to the newspaper we ALREADY RECEIVE I just might flip out.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of daydreaming, including rainbows and butterflies.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Odds.

A while back, I had a conversation with a fellow blogger about the odds of winning the powerball. She insisted the odds were one...and of COURSE I told her she was wrong.

So, who was actually right? We both were. While she was arguing the odds being one, my argument was that the odds were more than just one, for example one in (insert whatever HUGE number here).

Whenever the Powerball gets really really high (over 120 mil.) my office does a five dollar buy-in. I normally don't participate because:
1. I'm cheap.
2. I usually don't have the money to participate (even though it's only five dollars)
3. I feel like it's kind of a waste of five dollars.

Me being the scholarly person that I am, googled the odds of winning the powerball to feel better about's the site I found:

The site says the odds of one number winning are one in blah blah blah for the dollar amount you're trying to win. It's really interesting (at least to the geek inside of me).

Warning: The powerball explanation site contains a LOT of math, and a LOT of numbers...the last sentence in each section explains what the numbers mean...and if I can figure it out, I'm sure you can too!

The chances that I'll win the current Powerball is Zero. After all, you have to buy a ticket to win.*

*I'm sure someone I know will ACTUALLY win since I'm adamantly NOT buying a ticket...if so, please don't forget the little people (aka ME!).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, the places I'll go...

An awesome blogger friend posted a map of the states she has visited. It was a pretty full map....mine, on the other hand, is QUITE empty!

States I've Visited:

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

I've pretty much stuck to the midwest, only traveling out of the midwest a handful of times (mostly by plane).

I think I want to take a road trip next summer. I don't know where I'll go, and I'll definitely be bringing little man with...but I know I'm going to go somewhere!! Any suggestions?

Also, for you more seasoned travelers....How much time should I take off of work, and approximately how much money should I have saved? As you can tell, I'm completely clueless!! Any parents out there who would know of a great road trip destination with a four year old?

Ideally, I'll plan the trip around another company holiday so I won't have to use ALL of my vacay days...