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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night was a treat. I was able to hang out with little-man, AND spend some quality time with some good friends. It was the kind of night that is imperative to recharging the single-mom battery. I wish spending time with my friends was not as challenging as it has become. They are great people...and they allow me to be myself, and laugh out loud. I would like to think everyone has a tight knit bunch they can turn to when times get tough...thank god I have found mine. I foresee staying in touch with them until I am old and in a nursing home....if I only I could be so lucky.
Sorry about the short post....and a big shout out to all of the good peeps in my life! :)

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  1. Yahooo! I completely agree. Last night was a great re-charger for me as well. Good times. Good laughs.