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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Twilight Zone/Circus Experience...

After the encouragement of a TargetBoutique Pharmicist, my boss, and another lady in the office, I decided to give in and go to get my ears checked out. I have been sick for over a week, and was feeling ear pain and sinus pain unlike anything else I've ever felt. Ya know that feeling from your childhood when you jump into a pool and get water up your nose and it stings???...that stinging sensation was constant in my face was not fun.
When I arrived at the minute clinic, I was second in line. I chose to go to a minute clinic because it is a quick diagnosis, and since my health insurance is a high deductable plan, the minute clinic would essentially save me about fifty dollars. Instead of an actual doctor, you see a practitioner, but they can write out it made no difference to me!
When the lady before me left the room, she was balling her eyes out...this struck me as odd because the minute clinic only deals with fairly minor medical issues, such as rashes, ear infections, and the occasional pregnancy test... So, I shrugged it off saying to my self "o-k-a-y".
The practitioner was very nice. We talked about my symptoms, she took my vitals, and then we discussed that it would not be a great idea for me to fly. (I was supposed to fly to indianapolis for a regional company was only going to be a the up and down of two flights in one day would not have been a good environment for my ears). My prescription was sent to the pharmacy, and all was good. I walked over to the pharmacy and checked in, and then sat down to wait for my meds to be filled....and apparently, the circus had come to town...
I can understand how frustrated people get when it comes to affording medication, but there was a lady at the counter who took things to another level. She was loud, rude and swearing up and down.... This lady was so beligerent, it was difficult for me not to laugh at her antics, but also difficult for me to sit quiet and not tell her how rude she was acting and that she needed to settle down or she would end up in the hospital with a heart attack (I am cursed with a conscious that forces me to stand up to bullies...).
After a while, the belligerent lady left. I was still waiting for my name to be called, and couldn't get out of there fast enough. Out of the blue, a lady (also waiting) started making small talk with me. I was asking myself what I had done to deserve these weird occurrances taking place one after another. If you know me, you know I love to talk...but who wants to talk at all, let alone to a stranger, especially when you feel like dog poo. I wish I was still a bitch on wheels at this point, because all I really wanted to do was tell this lady to leave me the eff alone...but I didn't, and I answered her nosy questions like "what are you waiting for?" and "Do you have any children?" and "What is his name?" (seriously lady, were all of these questions REALLY NECCESSARY??)
My name was finally called, and I was finally able to head home...but sheesh, what an experience that place was. I really wish I had the entire experience captured on video, because I know I am missing some silly details. It must be pretty entertaining for the employees of the fine establishment I was at, because they sure do get a multitude of different people...

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