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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Liza.

The last twelve hours have
First, there was an effing mouse in my apartment. Note: I live on the second floor...where the hell did this rodent from hell come from?! I was not comforted by the fact that my apartment was far from orderly either. I did not have food laying around, just the usual toddler toys, and some clothes. In my state of panic, I knocked on my downstairs neighbors' door with tears of fear in my eyes...It was as if I were an elephant, and the mouse was the scariest most hideous thing in the world.
He came upstairs with his flashlight, and helped me mouse hunt. I really don't know where the damn thing went. I am suspecting it is back in the linen closet where I initially saw the little demon run into...grrr. The shear grossness of having a mouse in my apartment forced me to stay up, with eyes wide open, waiting to see Mr. Bojangles rear his mousy face, until almost three in the morning. He never did come out, but I swear to God I heard a noise in my linen closet this morning. Damn you Mr. BoJangles!
Today, I feel like a zombie. I am a creature who absolutely NEEDS her sleep. It's only eight am and already I feel like I'm going to fall asleep standing. On my drive to drop little-man off, I actually almost hit a pedestrian (which, I might add, would have been 80% the pedestrians' fault for wearing DARK CLOTHING INCLUDING A HOOD SHIELDING HIS LINE OF SIGHT FROM MY CAR)...but I also was trying to get little-man a breakfast bar, and hadn't completely scraped off my windows from the morning frost...whoops! (thank god I avoided THAT mess!)
After dropping little-man off, I continued onto work, listening to my favorite morning show. This morning, they were reading listner questions, and one of them was "My girlfriend told me she enjoyed having sex with me more than with her ex because she said I wasn't as big as he was. Should I break up with her?" The boys on the morning show started sharing their male opinions, and I felt a strong urge to call in and have a little chat with them. I dialed, and the phone actually rang instead of giving me its usual busy signal. A man answered, I told him I wanted to speak with the guys about their listener question, and was then put on hold for only a brief second. He returned, telling me not to swear, and all of the sudden, I was actually talking with the boys. It was awesome. I chimed in saying she probably didn't have bad intentions, and it actually should have been taken as a compliment, and the boys proceeded to make some awesomely hilarious comments. Even though I am dead-ass tired today, I am going to float through my day not focusing on Mr. BoJangles, but rather on the fact that I actually spoke to the morning show boys about if size really matters.....

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  1. Yo! This is Angie from St. Paul. I am 27. I keep reading, cause I know you and I like to keep up on the latest.
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