Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


So peeps...I've started online dating again. Well, not actually DATING...but actively looking for a date. I can't decide if I'm happy about this or depressed. What I CAN tell you is I'm a total hypocrite.

I was browsing the "available men" today, and came across a profile that caught my eye. Tall, dark and handsome. I looked a little more into his profile, and it stated he has never been married, but had kids. My immediate thought was to click "next"! And then I felt horribly guilty.

I've never been married.
I've got kids.

I've been scorned in the past, and his profile made it sound like he's still got MAJOR trust issues (read: "I am sick of women cheating on me").

I don't plan on contacting this person...too many OTHER red flags went off when I read his profile...I wonder how many red flags my profile sets off with other guys. I'm very careful about NOT proclaiming to the world that I'm a single mom..I really want a guy to get to know me for me, and not run away screaming from text that says "I've never been married and I have kids".

Meh. Hopefully Karma will be kind to me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

Warm fuzzies and cold pricklies remind me immediately of Kindergarten. We would sit in a circle, and talk about how warm fuzzies were the greatest thing since sliced bread...and be discouraged to send cold pricklies to our friends.

We were then forced to go around the circle and say a warm fuzzy about the person next to us. It was KIND OF awkward...especially if you were sitting next to the weird kid class (read: me), but it showed us that it felt good to receive a compliment, and it felt great giving a compliment.

I feel like warm fuzzies fade into distance the older you I implore you to reach out to someone today, and send out a warm fuzzy.

It's simple. It's nice. It's free. What's not to like?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now THAT'S Customer Service!

The night after the crock pot foiled my dinner (read: it wasn't my crock pot's was MY fault! I digress) on my drive home from work the wheels in my head started spinning. What was I gonna do for dinner?!?!

I had the makings for chicken tikka masala...but I did NOT feel like 1) Cleaning my kitchen. 2) Cooking. 3) Cleaning my kitchen post cooking.

I asked little man what he wanted for dinner and he exclaimed he wanted to go to a restaurant.

Fast food sounded gross to me...and a restaurant sounded completely outside of my budget.

Then, a lightbulb went off inside of my head. I had received an email earlier in the day advertising for a $4.95 dinner buffet at one of my favorite local Indian spots....$4.95 is within my budget...and usually this place doesn't charge kids for their buffet...and even if they DID charge me for little man, it was only five bucks so whatev's.

Dinner was unreal.

The bill was 6 dollars.

It was the PERFECT follow up dinner to my foiled spaghetti sauce.

Boom. Boom. POW!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What's worse than a foiled dinner?
I'll tell ya! What's worse than a foiled dinner is having a small taste of what's to come the night before, only to be left foiled come the night of said dinner...Grr.

Sunday was going well. We had taken a trip to the hospital to visit, watched some of the AWESOME Vikings game, and also made our way to the opposite side of town to visit with some MORE relatives.

On the way home, I was responsible and stopped at the grocery store to pick up meal items for my week..including the classic ingredients for Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Since I typically DREAD putting a meal together on Monday night, I thought I'd be proactive and put my meatballs together on Sunday night. In with the beef I mixed Italian bread crumbs, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, basil, garlic, onion, olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

The brilliant mixture left me uneasy sitting raw in my fridge for too I HAD to bake them right then and there. But what to do after they were done baking?? OH! I KNOW!! Put them in the crock pot with my homemade sauce mixture and let them all simmer together.....People, I was so excited that, not only was my meal ready to go, but all I would have to do come Monday night was boil some noodles and VIOLA! The perfect meal.

I've been a crock pot owner for YEARS...but I guess I don't use it enough to have crock-pot-common-sense. I let my sauce simmer with my meatballs the morning things smelled of COURSE I let it simmer on low while I was at work....only to arrive home on Monday night to burnt, nasty smelling stench that riddled my entire home.

My dinner was my own stupidity.

Plain noodles with a pinch of parm was our dinner. Definitely not what I hoped it was going to be!!

Lesson learned.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Today I'm a wrecking ball of emotions. Yes, I still have a positive outlook on 2010...but a person in my family is sick...and nobody knows who, what, where, when or why.

If you know me well, you know that my family's picture sits in the dictionary next to the word Dysfunctional. A divorce when I was a senior in high school. My mom living with the man who was at the center of the divorce thereafter. Tough times communicating with each other....and the list goes on.

None the's my family, and as much as I've disliked them, I love them just the same.

It's really scary when someone in your family is sick. It's even worse when they get sick in front of you (read: lose consciousness, fall HARD onto the floor and you think they've just dropped dead). And the cherry on the sundae is when the doctors THINK they know what's going on...only to have the powers that be laugh in their face when the symptoms don't go away, and more dropping-dead fainting ensues.

I know there are far worse things going on in the world (i.e. Haiti), but if you get a chance could you send some positive vibes my way? I'd really appreciate it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new endeavor...

I wasn't kidding you when I said 2010 has left me with a hair up my bum. In fact, on January 2nd I birthed an idea....

Here's what I've been working on

Yup, I'm trying out a different platform.

Please, if you have a moment...stop by and check the site out. It's different. It's new. It's fairly raw. It's me.

I'm still posting on here, as the other site has a theme that I'm challenging myself to stick to.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shifting Perspective

I think 2010 has planted a wild hair up my rear, seriously....because I feel different.
A good kind of different.
A refreshed kind of different.
A motivated kind of different.

Saturday nights, most 26 year olds are out on the town...doing something adventurous, or drinking mass quantities of alcohol with friends. Not this chick.

I rearranged my bedroom. I don't know why I felt compelled to shift my queen sized pillow topped mattress to a different wall, but I did.

Unlike a lot of people, I hadn't utilized the priceless storage underneath my bed that a bed can bring. Well, actually I HAD utilized it, but had pulled all of my "under the bed boxes" out and had never put them back about three months ago, I digress.

What did I encounter with the first shift of my box spring and bed frame? Things which I cannot name. Let's put it this wasn't pretty. Honestly, I can't believe that I had been sleeping in my room in the condition it had been in (for such a long time).

The following morning I made a quick trip to the store, and picked up my first bed skirt. I went with a white ruffle skirt...but kind of wish I had gone with a straight one instead. MEH! I'm refused to lose sleep over it. In fact, with the bed shifting I also managed to flip my mattress...I felt like I was sleeping on a new bed, and wow did it feel great!!

Happy slumber to all!