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Monday, March 31, 2008


Ninja and Nemo... I'm not a photo journalist, so bear with me on the poor photo quality. Nemo has a few light black stripes down her sides (yes, they are light black, not'd have to meet the little fishy to totally grasp it..they almost look like thick stripe shadows..yes, it's weird, but it means she'll definitely fit in with the fam!) Ninja has the black dorsal fin. He must be camera shy, because he was doing his darnedest to hide it from me.
With everyone introducing their new fur babies to the world, I saw it fit to introduce my new family additions as well...
Stay tuned for the next introduction: Random crap from Target that just HAD to come home with me and join my family...


  1. Cute fish, but where is the picture of your sassy new hair cut?!

  2. The sassy hair pic will soon follow! Give a lady a chance! ;)