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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Mom-Gut Rarely Lies...

My mom gut rarely, if ever, lies to me. This morning, I had made it to work on time, after dealing with unusually horrendous traffic. I knew something was about to happen...but couldn't put my finger on it. I spoke with a friend, and exclaimed how I knew this weekend was going to be busy...and then it happened...I got the call from little-man's school...He allegedly threw up.everywhere. My initial reaction was "GRRRREAT!" I attempted to get grandpa en route to picking little-man up, but g-papa was nowhere to be found...I was stuck having to leave work (for the third time this year) to go and pick up my sick toddler. My heart went out to little-man, but I knew he wasn't as sick as they made him sound on the phone, and I was right. He has had his usual appetite all day, and even is having regular diapers. The joys of single-parenting! ARGH!
On the bright side of the least he isn't sick...that always makes a mama happy! :)
My weekend is going to be crazy though...a friend randomly came to town, so I will be heading out to meet up with him and a few people after little-man is in bed. I think I will be daring and venture to downtown saint paul for the st. patty's day parade tomorrow. I have always wanted to partake in the adult activities revolving around st. patty's day in saint paul, but this year, I will have to settle with attending the parade, sober. Tomorrow night I will attend a st. patty's party at a friends house. I'm curious to see how the festivities turn out..i'll be sure to keep ya informed. I am also having a new babysitter over tomorrow night. She works at little-man's daycare, and is the kind of person that you know has a super sweet soul. I am stoked because she's 17, so she can commute to my place (hence, eliminating the issue of bringing her home when mommy gets home late...).
Sunday is the only day this weekend where I really don't have anything planned...and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that. Hope everyone has a festive happy weekend!!!

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