Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


This morning was lovely. It started earlier than I had wanted it to (but that's a 2 1/2 year old for ya!). We started the day with some delicious pancakes, and headed outside to play some more t-ball (if interested, I'll totally post the pics when we get home!).
Lunch was some yummy chicken salad (from the left over chicken BBQ-ed the night before)...and then it was nap time. Really, the day was amazing. Sunny with a nice breeze to keep you feeling comfortable.
After nap time, we (meaning my uncle and I) decided to take little man out in the row boat for his first Island Lake experience. We were armed in life jackets, my camera and two oars. The only deterrent SHOULD HAVE been the 20 mph wind...but who are we kidding?
Our Goal: to paddle out to the sand bar (which is directly across the lake, and slightly to the south of our cabin).
Mission Sand Bar To Feed The Sunfish was going alright, considering the oars kept falling out of their holders....We made it to JUST past the island (which is slightly north or our cabin) when the white-capped waves from the 20+mph winds kicked our small dingy headed
I kept thinking someone would stop and see if we were alright....and that never happened.
Maybe we ended up on the shore, about a 1/4 mile from our cabin. Maybe my uncle fell over in the water. Maybe I also ended up in the water slowly walking the boat (containing my uncle and little man) back to our cabin...trudging through mucky weeds and fighting the strong winds. Maybe we ended up being blocked by a ginormous tree that was laying a good 40 feet into the lake....Maybe I ended up sitting on said tree, holding the boat little man was in while my uncle was walking to our neighbors house. Maybe a pontoon FULL OF PEOPLE drove past me sitting on said tree holding the boat containing my little man...and DID NOT STOP OR SEE IF WE WERE ALRIGHT...and maybe that was the point of my small/short mental breakdown.
Long story short, my uncle was able to get our neighbors boat to tow us to safety. For a moment, I was a bit concerned...but we made it home, and have a crazy story to tell in the process.

My uncle has owned this cabin for over 20 years...I spent many summers up here...we both should have known better than to go out on the lake without a motor...The good thing is we all made it home safe...It was quite the adventure!

**Note: The picture is not quite to scale...but it was the best I could do!! hehehe

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

We made it up north. I am ecstatic! I was lucky enough to be able to drive...which shortened our car ride by about a MUCH NEEDED half hour.
Little man was an absolute champ. He slept for about 45 minutes, and took about and hour to wake up and process that we were still in the car.
About two and a half hours into the trip, little man shouted "i need go potty real bad mom!" (he was wearing a pull-up...cuz I'm smart like that!). He whined and whined for the next ten minutes (which felt like an hour!!) until we got to the tasty restaurant. I walked him straight into the potty, and his pull-up was miraculously dry! PLUS he went potty in the toilet. Life is sweet!!
Long story short: We made it!! I couldn't be more ready to get to bed so I'm rested for a fun day tomorrow :)

Going to my Happy Place.

Do you have any fun plans for your holiday weekend?

I decided (last minute of course) to head up North to my Uncle's cabin for the first time in over two years. This will be the first "cabin" experience for little man. I am excited for him, but also nervous. I think my apprehension comes from fearing he won't like it up there. I'm just being a worry wart...afterall, he would be crazy NOT to love it!

The ride is about 3.5 hours, and there may or may not be heavy traffic. This will also be the longest amount of time spent in a carseat...keep your fingers crossed for a successful trip! I told his daycare about his long car ride, and asked that they NOT put him down for a nap (seeing as we are leaving in the middle of his normal nap time). This will either be the best request, or wind up being my worst nightmare...WISH ME LUCK!

I'll hopefully have fun pictures to post after the weekend :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dear Smokers,

I'm not hating on you right now. Yes, it's your right to smoke. I'll admit, if I'm in an EXTREMELY rebellious mood, I'll pretend to be one of you, and cough my way through a cancer stick cigarette (honestly though, that may happen only once a year....really)

I won't lie to ya. Since MN passed their anti-smoking in public establishments law, I've been at ease when going out in public. I know smoking your heater gives you a nicotine buzz (I will never share in with you), it makes my eyes water, my nose itch, and my clothes stink.

One last thing. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop standing RIGHT OUTSIDE the public doors? I'm not trying to take anymore of your "rights" away..just sayin. It's no fun for me to walk outside if I'm barraged by your smoke. In fact, it makes me avoid going outside (specifically when I'm at work) altogether. So if you could be so kind to abide by my requests..that would be great. Then, I wouldn't have to move your desk to storage room the basement...or hide your swingline.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

T-Shirt S.O.S.

A good friend of mine has decided to throw a themed party at her house for her 27th birthday.

The theme you ask? Crazy T-Shirts.

The last time I was at a "theme party" I felt completely out of place. I hadn't consulted the group....and, well...long story short, I just didn't have as much fun as I would've liked to have.

I really really really really really (yes, FIVE "reallies") need help coming up with a great T-shirt. If you have one you want to loan me? AWESOME! The tee can be homemade, new, used, etc. I don't mind buying one. I don't mind making one. I just don't know what path to take...and instead of making a decision on my own (since it didn't work out so well last time) I have decided to put my faith in you, the internet!

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm looking for awesome ideas, and can include (but is not limited to) witty sayings, symbols etc.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pieces of Me...

This time of the month, I often find myself toiling over what I don't have. I had a severely intense "What I don't have" moment on my way home from work today. After a five minute hard ugly cry, I decided I needed to spend some time to remember what I actually have...the little things in life that I take for granted, but deserve my whole hearted appreciation.

I have a little man in my life who loves me. I know he has moments where he doesn't like me (just as I sometimes don't like him/his behavior choices) but he always loves me for me (and I ALWAYS love him). It's so special, amazing, beautiful and priceless.

I have an awesome job. It has been my strength and my center the past few months. It is a place I can go where I don't have to worry about scolding someone <::cough::little man::cough::>. It is a place that is equally as fulfilling, as it is challenging. I have found great people who are smart in the business world, and have strong moral roots planted.

I have a reliable car to drive (which is a luxury I take for granted ALL OF THE TIME!).

I have an extremely comfortable bed to sleep in at night. I (as well as the rest of you) am so thankful for this! (this mama gets VERY ugly without a good nights sleep)

I have parents who would give me the shirts off of their back if I asked them to. I know and appreciate our differences. No matter how much we disagree, they still manage to make me feel loved.

I always have food in my cupboard. I realize many people don't have this luxury in life. I don't have to stress about where my next meal comes from, all I have to do is open up the cupboard and 100% of the time I can make something to eat.

I am a part of a team that meets once every week to drink a few brews, play some softball and catch up on life. It is very rewarding to spend a night with this crowd..they have taught me more than I could put down in words.

All of these things are just snippets of what I have to be thankful for in life. Somethings are materialistic, this I know...but all are extremely important luxuries that I easily overlook. They are pieces which I tend to take for granted, but I never forget their existence. Some days it feels like life throws me curve balls. As long as I can keep reminding myself of the blessings in my life, I know I'll be able to hit the curve balls out of the park.

Fair Time

On Sunday, I ventured out the the MN State Fair. The weather was perfect, and although I meant to go at 1pm, I couldn't wait..and ended up walking through the gates at 11. It was just as I had remembered it to be. Crowds of interesting looking people swarming over a free show here, and some greasy food on a stick there. It was lovely.
The difference this year from years past, is I went alone. Of course I had little man with me, but I was lacking the company of an adult. The conversation, the extra stomach to share all of the fried food with. It was different. Not bad, but different (and a bit challenging when you're pushing a stroller without a cup holder, maneuvering two ears of roasted corn and a cup of soda...I wouldn't recommend it!).
The day was equally liberating and lonely. We were able to catch a few minutes of a dog show, and ride a couple of things in the kiddie park right off the bat. We divulged in some garlic fries, and guzzled down water.
We had great seats for the parade, and saw the U of M marching band preform...They're extremely entertaining! I think the highlight of the parade for little man was Santa Claus in a jeep...he was one of the only little ones around, and was shouting "HI SANTA!" repeatedly at the top of his lungs.
Towards the days end, we made it to a free stage where my coworkers band was preforming. They were awesomely entertaining! Little man thought so as well, and shared his "moves" with the crowd. He ran to the front of the audience and literally boogied his little toddler bum away. I was laughing to tears, and wish I owned a video camera so I could share it with the world!
It was a Fair of new experiences, a taste of the same yummy goodies, lots of laughs mixed with snippets of feeling overwhelmed. The Fair was just what I needed. I am glad I went, even though lacked an extra stomach.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

They MUST have been eating Wheaties

Gymnastics is definitely an addiction...especially if you participated in the sport on a semi-intense level. I was never great, but I could definitely do some skills that were challenging to the average joe.

I have been watching the Olympics virtually non stop since 8-8, and have allowed my habit to effect my sleep pattern. Not.Good.

I even have a fairly coherent grasp on the new gymnastics scoring system! :)
I had heard of the controversy of the Chinese Gymnastics Team age, but had hopes it would be settled fairly, with the Americans prevailing. Unfortunately, such was not the case. I just heard straight from the source, aka Bob Costas, that the Chinese women's gymnastics team is now under further investigation about their ages (if you weren't aware, they're being accused of having girls under the age of 16 compete...which is a big no no).

What made me chuckle the most, was it was a newspaper released by the Chinese that will eventually be their down fall. If their falsified ages are confirmed, China will lose four of their medals, and concede their gold to the U.S.

Maybe this isn't a hot topic...but what do you think about the whole ordeal?

If you're interested, I would be glad to explain the scoring too...but I figured I would save that little "bit of gold" for those who are REALLY can thank me later! ;)

The Grass...

Seems greener on the other side of my fence.

What to do tonight? I could call up so-and-so, maybe meet for happy hour? How about work out? Maybe I could meet x for dinner...hmmm...
I have so many options, that it's difficult for me to make a decision. I don't think I'll call Miz. She's so busy with little man, I wouldn't want her to feel bad if she can't make, I don't really want to be around a toddler...nor should a toddler be going to a bar.

This is how I feel my friends think...translation: This is how I think MY life would be if I wasn't me. Their options seem limitless, and unburdened. I feel like I am viewed as a person who doesn't want to be bothered, or as someone who is just a mom. More realistically, it's how I think I would view myself if I was my friend (have I lost you yet?)

Well, here's a tid bit of news...I want to be bothered, and I'm not just a mom. I need social interaction. I need friends who want to hang out with me, even if it's just one on one.

I know my situation is different than my friends. I have been trying my best over the last year to be patient, and hope that some people will not view my friendship as burdensome...but it just hasn't happened yet. There is always a reason, or another event that is better or more exciting than hanging out with me and my small little man.

To compensate for my lack of close friends, I had been hanging onto a friendship that was completely unhealthy for me. Over the past four years, this friendship had been in a vicious circle of nastiness. We would hang out constantly, get into a huge fight, not talk for a long time (sometimes months) and then go back to hanging out constantly. It was slowly breaking me down, and making me feel less worthy of the slightest possibility of quality relationships being realistic in my life.

From the outside, it seemed like I had the perfect setup. Most felt I had a close friend who I was able to lean on for support (either babysitting, or as simple as a constant hang out my pseudo husband). What most didn't see is how this relationship had demolished my self esteem. The constant guilt trips, the remarks about my weight, the endless comments about my personal spending habits, and the constant attitude thrown at me in front of little man. There was never an apology thrown my way. Never an ounce of empathy communicated from him. A person can only take so much. I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down. I'm mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round. It's too late to make it right, I probably wouldn't if I could. But I'm mad as hell

I feel like today is the start of something new and scary. It is scary for me because I don't thrive as well alone. I know I will get through this, and I firmly believe what doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger (and have to keep reminding myself of this daily).

Although I am very sad that my relationship with this person is over, I know I need to move on.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Questions to ponder

Why is it possible to have an awesome moment and a horrible moment throughout the course of one day?
Awesome moment: regaining a giddy feeling I haven't felt in a long time
Horrible moment: reinjuring my foot, getting hit by a softball, getting into a huge fight with Mark that will result in us not talking for a long time..if ever again.

I just don't get it.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday Night...Part II

I called up my girlfriend and explained what had happened through my blubbering tears. She invited me to meet her where she was eating dinner. I accepted because I knew I couldn't be alone.

...Did I mention I had driven twenty miles to be stood up...and my girlfriend was at a restaurant another fifteen miles away? I digress.

I patted my face dry, checked my makeup for any visible signs of a raccoon eyes, and headed in to grab an appetizer cuz, by this point, I was STARVING. I had an extremely strong urge to start doing shots of tequila, but decided to order some coconut shrimp. My friend ordered me a specialty drink. I sat quietly, contemplating my next move.

...Did I mention my friend was out with three women and EIGHT KIDS? She failed to mention this to me as I was speeding in her direction.

As I was eating what only can be described as the worst coconut shrimp I have ever tasted, another good friend of mine called me and invited me out to hang with her and a few of her friends. People I didn't know..but I knew there was going to be drinking involved. I was all about it.

I parted ways from my girlfriend and headed back home. I was going to be picked up hence eliminating the possibility of drunk driving (thank god for that!).

As I waited for my great friends/ride my babysitters friend called Him up. I didn't think He would answer...but he DID! My new BEST FRIEND said "Hey Dude...Did you have a DATE TONIGHT?" The response was "CLICK"...He had hung up..and I wasn't surprised.

At this point in my night...I was ready to move on. My great friends got to my house, and we were on our way. It turns out, the house we were going to was about three blocks from where my dad lives. It's a great neighborhood..things were looking better already.

A horrible night that started out with the intentions to meet a new person transformed into a great night where I met a new group of people. I am a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. Even though I will never forget how my night started...I know I'll always remember how the night ended.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Therapy of a Different Kind.

After taking a pretty good blow to my self esteem on Friday night, I took the horse by the reigns. I did what just about anyone I know would do when they're feeling down in the dumps. I woke up Saturday morning, and decided to walk into a salon and get my haircut. Since this was such an impromptu decision, I made arrangements with my mom to meet me at the mall to get little man. The timing worked out perfectly.

The first salon I walked into said they were booked for the next hour and a half. This mama did not have an hour and a half to waste! They recommended I head to the salon just downstairs.

At the second salon, I walked into what appeared to be a full house. The only person who wasn't cutting someones hair was not wearing the same all black uniform as everyone else. I had assumed there would be a wait, but low and behold, the lady out of uniform was a licensed stylist..and there had just been a cancellation on her books! I knew it was meant to be.

We had a quick consult, and then she shampooed my hair. Let me tell you, I love getting my hair shampooed! I was mentally patting myself on the back for deciding to be spontaneous.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a chair getting my hair cut. The lady, Dianne, was very lovely. Her eccentric look made her fun to talk with, but she was unusually blunt. She had no issues with swearing. She blurted out the terms "hell no" once, and kept referring to her sister as a "little $hit." It made me want to laugh, but I kept my composure and allowed her to continue with her "thang."

Surprisingly enough, I really liked the cut I walked away with! It was refreshing to have a new look, even though it wasn't a dramatic change.

I also had made the decision it was makeover time, and after the salon, I stopped by the good ol' Mac counter and have them work their magic on me. It was magical. I ventured away from the Mac counter with new fun supplies in hand, and a new look on my face too!

It's amazing how refreshing a haircut and new make-up can be :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A lot of inappropriately placed Quotations to ponder

A week and a half ago I had a wild hair up my rear to post a personal ad on a free website. I posted a simple poem about myself, no picture, and somehow wound up with about a dozen responses to ween through.

There was one response that stuck out. It was simple, sweet, and included a picture of a good looking guy that I was very intrigued to get to know.

We spoke for about a week exchanging emails. I had wanted to meet for lunch. We also found out we worked very close to one another (in fact, on the same block, just in different buildings). We set a date, but the day before he sent me an email asking if we could meet for dinner instead. I was apprehensive to agree, only because dinner was so much more of a time commitment, but I accepted his request, and found myself rushing through traffic on a Friday evening, traveling about twenty miles to meet at a restaurant with food rumored to be delicious.

The weather was beautiful. I had on a great outfit, my hair looked cute, things seemed to be going right...but something felt off in the pit of my "mom-gut" stomach. I tried to convince myself it was just nerves, but in my heart I knew it was much more than that.

The plan was to meet at the restaurant around 6:30/6:45ish. I was expecting to arrive at the restaurant at 6:45 on the nose, so I gave him a call to let him know my ETA. There was no answer.

I shrugged it off thinking no biggie. He could be in his car with the music up and the windows down. He could already be AT the restaurant and might not have heard his phone due to the noise levels...the excuses running through my head were endless.
I pulled into the parking lot, and after turning off my car took a very deep breath and told myself "here goes nothing!" I walked in with butterflies of anxiety, and told the hostess I was meeting someone. She did not say there was someone waiting, but suggested I take a walk around. I did a quick sweep of the bar, and the sit-down tables, but saw nobody matching the face of the person I had been exchanging emails with.

I went into extreme slight panic mode and started dialing my cellphone frantically. First, I tried Him. No.Answer. Then I called up one of my girlfriends...she gave me the classic "just give him ten minutes, I'm sure he's just stuck in traffic or something." Ten minutes went by...still no Him. The pit that had been present in my stomach was growing larger by the second. The reality of what I was experiencing was finally setting in.

I was being stood up.

After waiting a half hour, I slowly walked to my car. It wasn't until I was opening my car door that I started to break down in tears. I couldn't initially pinpoint where the tears were coming from...but they were flowing like none other.

At first, I was (for lack of a better word) mortified. I started mentally blaming myself for this mishap (which was totally stupid and unwarranted..but whatevs).

Then, I became extremely offended and frustrated. He knew I was a single mom. He knew I was lining up a babysitter...which I would have to PAY. Not only that, but by asking to meet me AFTER work instead of for lunch DURING work, he KNEW he was taking time away from my son. (cough::DOUCHE::cough).

I know I am better off finding out a person I could have potentially dated is a skeez before letting him into my life...but I just can't get over the inconsiderable nature of standing someone up. He has a cell phone. He has internet access. He knows how to text, call or email. Is a simple "I'm not going to make it" or "I am having second thoughts" too much for a girl like me to ask for?

...More to come with how my night ended (I think this post is long enough!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son.

This morning, when I delicately woke little man from his slumber, I told him he needed to get up and use the toilet. Today, we weren't using diapers AT.ALL. It was a decision that was made the second I realized it was a little silly of me to put him in a pull-up ONLY for the commute to daycare. He had been doing fantastic going potty at school (except for #2..but I'll get to that in a second). To my surprise, he got out of bed, went directly to the toilet, and sat there until he went. He's really getting good at this!!

When we got to his "school" this morning, he immediately told me he needed to go potty, and I didn't argue. I went right into the bathroom with him to supervise, and all was good. As he was sitting there alone, I grasped the opportunity to bribe him to the best of my ability. I told him if he made "big stinkies" at school, then mama would take him out for ice cream when I picked him up. He looked very excited...and I left him a bit apprehensive that my sneaky ways would actually work.

I called his teacher at 11, she told me something I had been waiting to hear for a little over two weeks. My little man had conquered dropping the kids off at the pool while he was at "school." The smallest tears of excitement welled up in my eyes. Potty training is really clicking for him, and the sense of pride his accomplishments have given him are so precious. I am so glad I've stuck with it.

Onto why he's just like his mother. Just like me, he will do just about anything for ice cream! :)

Note to Self:

Shoelaces are meant to be tied.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Question

Liquid Soap can look and feel like mucus. Is it ironic that it looks this way, yet people use this substance to clean their hands?
You're welcome for my thought provoking observance.


Mosquito bites on your feet are not fun. Better yet...mosquito bites ANYWHERE are not fun. Next time I'm outside, I'll have to remind myself to stay covered from head to toe...or fore go the wilderness altogether!! I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU MOSQUITOES...I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tough Questions.

"Whats dat mama?" is an extremely common question posed by little man on a daily basis. This morning, as we were pumping gas, little man saw something that sparked his curiosity. It was a vehicle on display by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The vehicle appeared to have been in a HORRIBLE head on collision (most likely a drunk driving accident). When little man saw this car, his mind began churning like the gears of a clock. The second I sat back down in my car, he said "Dat car broken mama?" (he's so observant, eh?). I agreed with him that the car was broken, and he cunningly fired back "car garbage mama?" (connecting the small dots in his head, this car should have EASILY been thrown out...). So, how do you explain the meaning behind the car to a two year old? I know the car is displayed for a very serious reason, but when is it appropriate to explain the harsh realities of life to him? I know it is also going to be a long time before he begins to understand the world is not always a safe place, but I feel I owe him an honest answer.
I cautiously told him the car could not be thrown out because it reminded people they needed to be safe when they drove. I'm certain the concept was completely over his head, but I firmly believe honesty is the best policy :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Very Interesting...

The Olympics are still as magical to watch in China, as they were when Atlanta hosted the summer games back in '96. They've been full of seemingly impossible feats, and have left me with tears of joy for the accomplishments of extremely hard working and determined athletes.
The only thing I noticed while watching tonight, was the way the Chinese Men's Gymnastic team gave each other high fives. It was almost as if they were forced to practice the proper mechanics of "the high five." I'm not sure if there is such a thing, but really. The all gave each other a high five with the exact same silly style. They would hold their hands in front of them at eye level, fingers together, arms slightly less than shoulder width. They would make eye contact, put their hands together, and then push their hands towards the sky while keeping their hands together. It struck me as odd.
Tonight, the Chinese men captured their long awaited Gold medal...but was the real winning accomplishment teaching the world the proper mechanics of the high five? Now THAT's a good question!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm having a bit of difficulty putting my thoughts into coherent sentences tonight. I think I might have to put an APB out cuz my blogspiration seems to be lacking.

On a different note: I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!! I don't know what it is..but they always make me feel happy and giddy inside. Aside from being a homeowner, another future goal/dream/aspiration would be to attend the olympics (preferrably the summer games) I guess I'll have so start planning though, because I'm sure it would cost a few thousand pretty pennies!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Right now, I feel like the only place I fit in is online. Should I become a hermit?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Steps.

If you make it a goal to say what you think in order to attain harmony in your life, does that mean I should speak up if I'm offended? My parents taught me not to speak unless I have something nice to say, etc. So what if most of my thoughts seem to be very negative? I'm so confused. Does this mean there is something wrong with me? I'm having a difficult time figuring things out!!
I'm really making an attempt to follow through with what I say as well...this takes time and patience on my behalf (but it is something I am truly trying to work on). For example, I want to eat healthy. To attain this, I planned out my meals for the rest of the week, including utilizing left overs and transforming them into new meals. This should not only cut down on the amount of food I waste, but also serve as a healthier alternative to eating out. I also want to have a clean house. I know this cannot happen overnight, but it is something I am consciously aware of...hopefully I can achieve this goal sooner than later (and actually keep up with my housework for once).
Where am I getting all of these cock-a-may-mee ideas you ask? PBS....Suze Orman to be more specific. I happened to catch a talk she did to an audience of women about becoming a wealthy woman. I had never been a big Suze Orman fan, nor had I ever given her or her ideas the time of day. But for some reason, I was drawn to hear her ideas. She was not only referring to financial wealth. She took a more holistic approach. It was fascinating to listen to. Maybe it is because of the desperation I am feeling to be a financially free and unburdened person. Either way, her thoughts and opinions really stuck with me. Hopefully I can keep taking baby steps, and will eventually end up a wealthy woman. I know I can do it....I know I can!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Excuse Me.

Dear Taco Bell,
Why do I love you so much? You are so horrible for my heart, yet I feel compelled daily about once every other week to drive-thru and take a morsel (or five) home with me. You've become such a vice in my even have the power to manipulate me into thinking you're good when I'm sober (your nemesis White Castle has MUCH to learn!).
Why Taco Bell....WHY?!

I'll understand if you don't respond...but I really hope (for my heart's sake) that you will...Until we meet again...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's your song?

Music. It's something I know very little about. I'll even admit I'm mostly a Top 40's girl. I don't discriminate, the pop scene is just where I am comfortable...albeit country, bubble-gum pop, easy listening...
Tonight, as I was catching up on some great blogs, Gretchen Wilson's Homewrecker came on the got me to thinking how there are always going to be a handful of songs that bring you back to a specific time or place in your life. This song brings me back to a time when I was dating a man who I thought the world of, (Only to find out that he was a horrible person a few months later) the time, while we were dating, there was a sketchy girl who was half my size (and a huge bizzo in my biased opinion)...Me in my passive aggressive ways, would play this song on the jukebox where all three of us happened to work (me, the guy I was dating, and this girl)...My guy knew what I was doing..and so did this girl...but I didn't care, I used this song to express my disdain at the situation....and it.felt.great. (I've got a little bit of bad girl inside of me sometimes...)
Jimmy Buffet and all of his glory will forever bring me back to a SCUBA diving trip to the caymans...oh, and/or this.
NSYNC (yes, I just said NSYNC) will always remind me of my carefree youth, where I was surrounded by fun loving friends who all shared the same amount of love for Justin Timberlake as I did.
Staind gave me strength and solitude to get through my parents divorce.
Music has the ability to remind me of good times and tough times with a single melody. That's some pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.
What songs bring you back to a time and place you'll always remember/never forget?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm So Proud!

Today is a momentous day. On this day, August 2nd, 2008, my son went NUMBER TWO IN THE POTTY!!!
He was glowing with pride, shouting "MAMA, LOOK,I DID IT!!"
It has taken a solid week to get him to overcome his fear and his thoughts of "I can't"...Do you want to know what finally helped him conquer his fear? Cheerios.
I threw a handful of cheerios into the pot and told him to try and hit them (standing up of course), and when I saw he was grunting, I told him to take a seat and try and do the DEED on the cheerios. He thought it was a game, and IT ACTUALLY WORKED!
If only there was nanny cam that could've captured the moment. Once he told me he did it, happy tears came to my eyes, I gave him the biggest hug imaginable, and went racing around my apartment shouting yippee, and yahoooo all the while whipping my arms above my head.
I know he'll still have accidents, but I'm still so very proud of him.
Today has been a GREAT day!