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Monday, March 24, 2008

Aww Shucks

So...nobody responded to my request for introductory comments. Oh well...I'll try not to lose too much sleep ;)
Last friday I had the day off of work. The president of my company notified our office stating it was employee appreciation day, and we should take the day to enjoy the nice spring weather (the president resides in a warm, nice city...little does he know, it doesn't start to get nice out in minnesota for a few more weeks!).
To try and start my weekend early, I decided to treat myself to a night of relaxation and a movie on thursday night. I was looking forward to cuddling up solo to the movie Enchanted. When I went to find the movie (which I had just purchased the day before) it was missing in action. I searched high and low...the bag must have been lost at the store...because it was gone. So, instead of staying up late watching a cute movie, I ended up mindlessly channel surfing my thursday night away.
Friday morning, I was woken up by little man.....he was holding an orange, and a STEAK KNIFE! He was repeating himself saying "orange, orange, mommy, orange." He's such a little rascal..thank GOD he didn't hurt himself!! I laugh about the situation now, but I can only blame myself. I always cut the orange peel off with a steak knife to ensure I get the entire rind and also to prevent the threat of him choking on it (I've had a few traumatic-near-death choking experiences involving tough oranges). So...props to little-man for bringing mommy the appropriate tools (the orange, and the very sharp knife) so she could cut the fruit for him and allow mommy to stay in bed a little longer...hahaha The site of the knife had me up and awake for the rest of the day...Nap time on friday was a HUGE fiasco as well. It took little-man over an hour to settle in. To add mayhem to my already chaotic day, little-man has began spitting every time I tell him no. Not the "blow raspberries with your tongue" spitting...but the actual launching of saliva. What am I to do about this? I've been told to put hot sauce in his mouth..but I can't bring myself to do that for two reasons. First; he ONLY JUST TURNED TWO. and Second; he'll probably LOVE IT just to spite me. I have opted for option three...which is putting him on a time-out in his room and closing the door so I can settle down to explain to him the severity of his actions.
Saturday afternoon we ventured to an Easter Party. Before the party, we stopped over at Grandma's house to visit for a while. I also baked a spinach artichoke dip at grandma's, that I took to the Easter Party with me. My cousin did a fantastic job of hosting the party. There were four toddlers in all, and she made an easter basket for each of them. She also took the time to hide a few dozen candy filled easter eggs around the yard, and inside her house. The kids had a blast. Little-man ate MORE than his fare share of candy...and as a bonus to me...GRANDMA TOOK HIM HOME ON AN OVERNIGHT! There were a couple of other crazy things that took place at the party. At one point, I had all four of the little kids in the basement and we were all playing play-dough together...when all of the sudden the ceiling started raining water as if a pipe had busted. I shouted for my cousin, and we soon found out our uncle had clogged the toilet, and it was I was showered with poop water (ya jealous?). Later in the afternoon, after most of the kids had gone home, my cousin had a little cake smashed in her face. Everyone was laughing and it was all in good fun. This year was definitely an Easter to remember.

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