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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doughnuts and Dreams...

I waved to M as she was entering the state fair...toting a white trailer behind her "woody" station wagon. From the drivers seat, she exclaimed "I have a mini doughnut stand this year...catch ya later!" I really wanted to work at the doughnut stand with her...I believe I left her a voicemail requesting this, but never received a response.
Me showed up a little later, sporting a classic looking red and gold mini doughnut stand. She was also going to be selling the tasty treats at the fair. She also divulged to me that M didn't need me to work with her, so that is why I never received a return call. She said M had a different friend come and work..I was a little sad. I begged Me if I could work in her doughnut stand...she hesitantly said "Sure."
When I arrived for my first doughnut stand shift, I was greeted by a man who was rockin the mini's like a superstar. He had a secret batter, and would whip up each batch from scratch. He had a special technique for the birth of each little ring of deliciousness. He even had a special mixture of cinnamon and sugar (with a third, and super strange sounding ingredient that was supposed to bring the mini doughnut to another dimension). Out of nowhere, everything was ruined. Our doughnut stand had become overrun with fruit flies (no thanks to the third secret ingredient in the sugar/cinnamon mixture). We had to close, and my days in the mini doughnut ring were over.

...This was my dream that woke me up this morning.

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