Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Entitlement. Where does one develop such a thing? I suppose if you are the entitled, life is pretty darn good...but if you don't feel entitled then WHOA BOY watch out.

This morning I stopped into a small cafe to pick up a cup of joe and some milk for my breakfast. While at the checkout line I witnessed an entitled bizzo walk in, and snap at the guys working behind the counter. Now, I'm not close with the guys who work in this cafe, but I know they work darn hard, and that english is completely and totally their second language (props to them...because I ONLY know english...I digress).

See, when the woman approached the counter, they politely asked her what they could get for her...and that's when it happened. She rudely exclaimed "I order the SAME THING EVERY TIME I COME IN HERE....don't ask ME what I want"...then traipsed away.

I exchanged a WTF glance with the guys behind the counter.

This woman had SO MANY different ways of expressing that she wanted them to make "her usual"...and also didn't take a single second to realize that she wasn't THE ONLY PERSON who walked into the cafe around 7:30am and ordered breakfast.

Do I feel entitled? Not in the least. I am a person who deserves respect, sure...every one deserves respect.

Monday, February 22, 2010


This morning didn't start out bad. Little man was agreeable when it came to getting ready to head out the door. Traffic felt light. In fact, I even had time to run through and get coffee. It was a great Monday.

Enter when I'm sitting at my desk and I manage to spill half of my coffee down the front of my shirt...My white shirt.


I calmly got up, and proceeded to a sink where I scrubbed with some Ivory. And ya know what? The stain lifted. I almost starting singing...but I didn't. I just smiled, and returned to my desk...wet shirt and all.

I don't know when, why or where my perspective on life shifted....but it did. I feel less anxious, more serene, and not phased by nearly as much as I would have been five years ago. Life might spill coffee on the front of your shirt...but a bit of soapy water, and some calm temperament was the spoon that helped the medicine go down. No fuss. No stress. No worry.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Year...Part II

Four years ago today my baby boy was born. Tears well up in my heart when I realize how fast the time has gone. The time has literally whisked by me...I can hardly believe he's a towering, beaming, happy, healthy toddler...

He's a year closer to being in school.
A year closer to being able to drive.
A year closer to having his first crush.
A year closer to graduating high school.
A year closer to graduating college.
A year closer to starting a family of his own.

Yeah, some of you might think I'm being a bit melodramatic...but to that I say poppycock.

Time flies. I'm so thankful for that...but the selfish person inside of me is a little sad. On days like today, I wish with all of my heart I could make time stand still.

Happy birthday little man. I love you so much it hurts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Year...

none the wiser.

Or am I?

I'm officially one year older (as of yesterday).
I'm officially in my late twenties (yikes!!).
I'm officially kinda sorta starting to freak out, but simultaneously have a calm aura and outlook on life.

26 wasn't a bad year in the least...for me, it was a learning year. A time that I now realize, when I look back on it, was tough and full of hidden road bumps. I guess life is almost always full of hidden road bumps..but 2009 seems to have trumped the rest thus far.

Life at 27 will be great, because that's how I want it to be. If I hit a road bump, I'm ready, willing and able to look past it. I'm not saying I won't slip up and feel out of control at times..I'm saying I'm ready for life to "bring it on".

The good.
The bad.
The frustrating.
The joys.
All of it.

I'm excited to watch little man's personality develop.
I'm excited to see what each day will bring.
I'm looking forward to belly-aching laughter with friends.
I'm looking forward to new adventures in the kitchen.

My 27th year is already going great...and it's only day two. On January 1st, I decided to dedicate 2010 to me. So far, I think I'm accomplishing just that...and at the risk of sounding redundant, I'm absolutely excited.