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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One small step...

I have been struggling with getting little-man to sleep in a toddler bed at night. We tried having him sleep in a big-boy toddler bed for the first time at grandma's house last weekend. Apparently, he was not down with the idea because he was up on the hour, every hour, all night long....The day after that, we brought the big-boy toddler bed home with us, and I was clueless as to how I was going to conquer this huge mommy task. Little-man totally takes after his mama...he is super stubborn, and he hates change. For example, when I sat in his room with him the other night, he refused to go to sleep in his new bed. He would lay in it, but insisted on playing, and fought the fact that the new bed was serious business. The second I put him in his crib he would literally turn to his tummy and knock out. I have been so torn as to what I should do. This is the first time I've tried getting my little-man to take a small step towards growing up. My gut was telling me he wasn't ready, but I think I was the one who wasn't ready. He's my baby...It's so hard to fathom that he's growing up!
Tonight, I feel like I'm on top of the world. He is sleeping in his toddler bed, and I couldn't be a happier mama. He fought with all his heart, and even made me laugh every time he would sneak out of his room to spy on me. I was firm, and after he snuck out for the third time, I told him it was night night time (in the sternest voice I could muster) and shut his door tightly. He attempted to sneak out, but was unable to open the door. He only struggled for about three minutes, and then conceded defeat. I gave him a good fifteen minutes of silence before I peeked into his room (believing that I would find him sleeping next to the door) but to my utter shock and surprise, he was laying in his new big boy bed, covered up, and TOTALLY SLEEPING! Tears of happiness started to well up inside of me. I did it..He did it. I really can't begin to tell you how proud of him I am. I just hope he continues to sleep through the night in his new big boy bed.
When I went in his room a minute ago, his head was at the foot of the bed...I was apprehensive about moving him, but I couldn't resist. I moved his head towards his pillow, and he sat up. I calmly told him to put his head on the pillow, handed him his blanket, and recovered his tiny toddler body back up...he's still sleeping, and again, I am so proud of my big little-man.
Mama's going to sleep with a huge smile on her face tonight...This is one small step towards growing up, and one HUGE step for Mama. YAY ME!

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  1. Mine just turned two. The first time I tried to have her sleep with the crib turned so the open end faced out, she freaked. She made it to the door faster than I did. After going through the motions several times, unsuccessfully, I turned it back around and decided to wait until later. Maybe it's time to try again?