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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If I could turn back time...

Lets rewind:
Six years ago. I met a boy in a class at a local college and became friends with him. He's a nice guy, the friendship was completely platonic.
Five years ago. We both went to different colleges, in different states. We kept in touch randomly over the internet (gotta love aim).
Four years ago. I decided to drive to his school to visit for a fun friday night. We went to the bars, spent less than 20 dollars between to two of us, and had the best time. I'd never experienced a great time quite like that before. We walked back to his place, and jumped in every single puddle on the way home (it was a warm november night, and yes, there was snow on the ground).
Three years ago. I ran into this boy at the state fair. He was with another girl, and I was with another guy. I could tell he wanted to talk (as did I), but the entire conversation was a bit awkward. We said hi and bye and went our separate ways.
Eight months ago. I ran into another old friend from high school. She gave me the current number of this boy who I hadn't talked with since our run-in at the fair. I called him, we talked, and I told him about how much my life had changed since our fun night out. He told me about how his life had changed too. We hadn't talked in such a long time, but it felt like it was just yesterday that we were gallavanting around town, having the best time.
Last night. I received an email from him about how he is busy. He is always busy. He has been busy since the eight months ago when we started talking again. I am hurt that he is always busy. I take it personal. I know I shouldn't, but I'm such a girl and extremely sensitive when I've been putting effort into getting together with him and all I hear is "We'll get together soon, I'm really busy right now." Maybe he's just not that into me as a friend. Maybe we had our chance at a friendship, and for whatever reason, things fizzled and I won't be able to bring us back to what could have been. This shouldn't hurt so much. Our friendship seems to have always functioned disfunctionally...but it saddens me.

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