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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bitter Sweet

As I was making the morning coffee, this brilliant thought came into my head. Why do ground coffee beans smell so good before you brew them, and produce a super bitter tasting beverage? Have you ever noticed that? I think there are many things in life that seem sweet beforehand, and produce a bitter tasting result. Sometimes this happens when cooking, sometimes this happens at work and sometimes it happens in the personal choices we make regarding our everyday lives.
I don't quite know where I am going with all of this yet...but I am sure it will brew into something good (no pun intended).


This morning, as I was deep in thought, I totally rolled an ankle and biffed front of two "important people" visiting from our corporate offices. How embarrassing! (and in case you're worried, I wasn't physically hurt; just emotionally damaged!)

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  1. dude, i totally bit it in the parking lot walking into a wedding reception and i can barely lift my arm today. oopie. it was embarassing. i hope my coat recovers at the dry cleaner.