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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

My predictions for a slow weekend were pretty much spot on. I have been fighting the onset of a cold, and finally gave way to it by saturday. Friday night I watched When Harry Met Sally, and then a friend brought over Benchwarmers. I probably would not have seen the second movie, but actually found myself laughing at it.
All day Saturday I spent lounging around and avoiding going outside. I took some night time cold medicine at 11:30am (so I could nap while little-man was napping) and ended up sleeping over two hours. Either the meds were super strong, or I really needed my sleep (probably a combination of the two). Saturday night was very uneventful...which was nice for a change. The weekend prior I ran around rampant which makes me appreciate slow and mellow weekends even more!
I forgot to mention my Saturday breakfast. It was scrumptious...eggs, sausage and toast. I am usually a bacon kind of gal, so the sausage was a new venture. To toot my own horn, I make an awesome breakfast...
Sunday was another lounge day. I was cold medicine free, and enjoying my time with little-man. Keeping myself low-key presented a great opportunity to spend some quality time with little-man. With life being so busy and "go go go", it is very easy to overlook how much he has changed in the past few months. He is becoming more vocal as the days go's quite entertaining. He is excellent at keeping himself busy too. He has a constant need to try and push mama's buttons, but I see the look of guilt when he knows he's gone too far. I also implemented a naughty spot this weekend. I was going to use a corner, but all of my corners have outlets near them (and I know that he would mess with them just to spite me) so instead I pulled a red hand towel out of the closet and set it against a wall (outlet free). He was placed on the naughty spot a couple of times. It is funny that he actually gets what timeout actually is, but at times, he tries to "sneak out" like he thinks I won't know...I get extremely frustrated, and the second he sees his plan is foiled he scurries back to the towel as if his life depends on it (it's pretty funny, and I find myself holding back my laughter and trying to put a serious face on). He reminds me of when I was little and thought I could pull a quick one on my parents. Those were the days...sigh...
Wow, what a random tangent that was!
Back to Sunday... We wrapped up the day with more lounging...and a hearty pot roast. Also to my surprise, little-man scarfed dinner down. I didn't think he would like pot roast, carrots and potatoes, but he actually loved it! It's a good thing too because we have enough of it leftover to have pot roast for the next three days!
I hope everyone stayed warm this weekend!

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