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Thursday, January 17, 2008


When is the last time you said "Hi" to a stranger while walking down the hall? As I was returning from my daily walk, I decided I was going to smile and say hi to people as I walked towards my office. Not in a creepy way, but in a "I hope you're having a great day even though I don't know you" kind of way. I only passed two people. One said Hi, and was very kind. The other said Hi, but was very taken aback.
Remember back to when you were in high school and you would say hi to EVERYONE when you were passing between classes? Freshman year of college was fairly friendly too. Somewhere along the lines, people stopped saying hi, stopped being friendly and started averting eye contact. How and why does this happen? Saying a friendly hello is completely harmless, and actually gives you a nice feeling inside.
I challenge you to say hi to complete strangers....not just a smile and nod, but an actual "hi" or "hello". It gave me a great feeling today, and maybe it will do the same for you :)

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