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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Date Night

Mama's goin on a date!
Without getting into too many boring details, I am going on date this week! How exciting :) I am actually a little nervous because it has been a very looooong time since I've gone on a formal date. My girlie nerves are starting to kick in (what should I wear, am I going to say something stupid, etc.)
I'm sure all will go well...and maybe I'll even get a funny or entertaining story out of the evening! I'll keep ya posted...


On an extremely random tangent, I am going to admit my xmas tree is still up. I stand by this "so called act of laziness" with pride. The other day, on the radio, I heard it was considered a bad omen to take your tree down before the sixth of I suppose the tree will come down sometime this week, but by golly I am determined to have a good 2008..and if keeping my tree up past today is the secret than I should be good to go!

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