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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have decided I am going to make a label specifically for politics. I think I am going to have a lot to say regarding the upcoming election over the next few months.
As I was channel flipping tonight, I ran across the live Democratic debate on CNN. For the first time, I can truly say I have faith the government will change if Hilary or Obama becomes our next president. Maybe my hopes will be crushed, but at the same time, maybe they won't be. These two candidates are so passionate about politics. Does that mean they're going to tell me what I want to hear, and then let me down once they're in the White House? I certainly hope not. I feel the scrutiny from the American public would be far too harsh. Obama stated that the percentage of voters turning out for the primaries has more than doubled during the current caucuses. I feel that if they're campaign is getting people motivated to become involved, then the American public will not tolerate another ridiculous presidency like we've had to endure the past seven years. Both Hilary and Obama were so civil with each other. It was almost as powerful as when they were close to tearing each others' throats out a couple of weeks ago. Hilary made a comment that had me laughing. She said it "took one Clinton to clean up after the first Bush administration, and it's going to take another Clinton to clean up after the second."
If you haven't been following the campaigns, I strongly encourage you to start. It's a long ride ahead for all of the candidates involved, but I am optimistic the country will finally get the comfort in knowing they will have a strong leader when the ride is over.

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