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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Get a Room!

I don't know how to phrase this in a way where I don't come off as a total prude..but at this point, I don't care.
I live above a nympho....and he's not very quiet about it. He is the type of guy who overcompensates with what he doesn't have by always making sure he's driving a brand new car. He drives me up a wall! And what ticks me off even more is the fact that he always brings home these RANDOM girls and f@#ks 11pm....what an ass. I say F@#K because that is the only thing you can really label it as....these girls let out these fake ass screams, and it's right below my bed.
The worst part about it is I'll see him as I'm walking to my car, and tell him to keep it down...and all the asshole does is snicker. I really can't wait until he moves out, or until I do, because the live porno soundtrack is going to drive me nuts more sooner than later. I am restraining myself from banging on the floor, but I think that would only boost his ego, and I am NOT about to do that....grrrr

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