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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Leaf

Sleep outweighs doing laundry by a long shot. As you can guess, I did not complete any mission is a disaster, but I am alright with that. I feel I have turned over a new leaf in terms of my weekly evening activities. Up until this week, I had lived a sedimentary lifestyle on my couch. This week, there has not been a single night that I have plopped down and turned into a television zombie! I may not be getting laundry done, but I am doing more rewarding things, like reading, and going to sleep at an extremely reasonable time (9pm if you must know!). I can see this developing into a healthy habbit that I want to keep up.
With the implementation of my new "walk during lunch" program, and soon to be start of "light weights on the exercise ball" at home, I am foreseeing 2008 becoming a year of fitness for me. Up until last night, my exercise ball had been deflated in a box in my linen closet for over a year. I had every intention of starting my light weights on the ball last night, but instead spent a half hour pumping the ball up. It was a great workout. The pump couldn't have been smaller, but I am very proud of my big green ball, and will hopefully get many great exercises out of it!

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