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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warning...Venting Ahead

I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face! Why do people in minnesota act like they are orginally from hawaii whenever it snows?! Last night, my commute was slow and extremely painful...I can understand this if the conditions were horrible, but there was only a mere dusting on the roads. Yes, we need to be more cautious after snow falls, but slamming on the breaks because a snowflake is blown in front of your car is outright rediculous!
This morning, I left my house twenty minutes early for fear of the rediculous traffic...and it was a good thing! I was surrounded by extremely heavy traffic (which hasn't been this bad in a loooong time)...Then, there was the bozo in his 4x4 Chevy truck who decided to cut across an exit lane. I wish I could write this down so people could understand how idiotic this guy was...If I had superpowers he would have been toast as far as I'm concerned!
I have heard that immediately venting about stresses can actually harm your health, so this morning, I waited a good half hour before writing this (and my thoughts had not changed in that time, so I felt it was appropriate to vent)

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