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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sleepy Hollow

This always happens to me....the second I lay down to go to sleep I think of something that might actually be slightly interesting to write about. Tonight, instead of making an empty promise to myself that "I'll remember this thought for tomorrow..." I decided to get up and write.
I am interested in peoples' opinions about children sleeping with their parents. (**As I was typing this, I was interrupted by little man screaming "Owie, mama!!" Needless to say, I went into his room, he was SUPER clingy, and I allowed him to come sleep with me for the night...)
Since little man was three weeks old, I was a firm believer in sleeping him in allowing him to cuddle during the day, but was strict about him sleeping in his crib at night. I can count on my left hand the number of times I allowed him to sleep next to me at night, and those times were only because he was very sick and it was the only way either of us were going to get any sleep.
My life hasn't been the same since I introduced the toddler bed to him a few months ago. He started a nasty pattern of waking up sometime during the early morning hours (usually somewhere between 3 and 5), walking into my room, and since I am USUALLY in the midst of a dead sleep, I pick him up, and lay him down between myself and the wall. Is this unacceptable behavior on my part? How long will it take for me to rid him of this behavior? Can I break this horrible habbit of his? If I can break the habbit, how do I go about doing so without depriving myself of sleep, resulting in me going absolutely crazy!! (Since, let's face it...It's ALWAYS ABOUT ME! ;) ) I will sadly admit, since going to the toddler bed, I can only count on my hand the number of times he has woken up in his own bed in the last three months. What's a mom to do?!

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