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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

My throat is a mess. I went to the clinic on saturday morning, and they told me I didn't have strep (the fast test came back negative, so they sent the "sample" out for a 24 hour test). I will officially find out by late monday or tuesday if I have strep or not...BOO TO THEM! The minute clinic practitioner did tell me that if my symptoms got any worse I should immediately go to urgent care. I consistently ran a fever of 101 to 103 until Sunday morning. When I woke up on Mom's day, my throat was still throbbing.
Little man did me a favor on mom's day by not coming into my room until 7am. He crawled into bed and cuddled in for an hour. It was a very nice morning. At around 8, he creeped out of bed and roamed around for another hour, and at 9, he crawled back into my bed, laid down next to me and said in the cutest toddler voice "WAKE UP MAMA!" It would have been the cutest thing I've ever heard, if it wasn't for his nasty garlic breath! How does a toddler acquire nasty garlic breath you ask? Two things. First, grandma allowed him to have some of her "magic chicken noodle soup" which contains about six cloves of garlic. Second, I was cursed with "when I have a sliver of garlic I will permeate it through my skin for a week" gene, which I obviously passed onto little man...poor guy!
We stopped at the store and picked up a hanging flower basket for grandma. The rest of the day was spent at her house, lounging, relaxing and eating. It was nice, for the most part. I have a few issues to write about, but since it's mom's day, I will attempt to stay mostly positive.
To end on a positive note, grandma made her famous strata, which tastes delicious even when your throat is nasty, swollen and in extreme pain!
I would also like to thank everyone who wished me a happy mom's day. You are very sweet, and instead of making up excuses as to why I don't deserve your kindness, I will instead just simply say thank you...It really means a lot to me :)

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