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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ode To Artificial Swedeners

Two great people were getting ready to embark on the move of a lifetime. They were moving to Sweden for a couple of years, and some friends of mine organized a surprise party for them.
The party went off without a glitch. Everyone who showed up managed to surprise both of them to tears. It was great.
Drinks were flowing. Swedish fish and Swedish meatballs were consumed. Laughs were had....and then the karaoke machine was started.
Almost my entire softball team was in attendance..and of COURSE we had to go up and sing a song together. One of my drunken teammates decided that Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville would be a fantastic song choice for 12 mostly drunk people to sing along to...the only problem with our group singing idea was we only had one small monitor to read off of.
Me, being the inebriated genius I am, decided to take it upon myself to shout out catch phrases to cue people about the next line. I was being silly..but we were all laughing so I didn't see any harm in the matter. Let's face it..almost everyone over the age of 25 knows the words to margaritaville..they might not have it memorized..but they have some sort of idea about how the tune goes...So, right before the song line I would "WHAT DID YA STEP ON?" and the line that followed was "Stepped on a pop tart"...ya get it yet?? Good!
So, towards the end of the song, I read ahead and made the fabulously drunk decision of shouting out at the top of my lungs "WHO DID YA BLOW" hoping it would cue my fellow teammates to sing "Blew out my flip flop"...yeah...I fell on the ground laughing at my verbal blooper. It was definitely a moment where I spoke BEFORE I thought about what I was actually saying...
On my drive home from lunch today, Margaritaville was played on the radio. I started giggling thinking about my verbal blooper way back three months ago..and Just couldn't resist rehashing the entire incident. This song was a classic before the going away party..but now it holds a spot just a little bit closer to my heart.


  1. haha! That is an awesome margaritaville story!

  2. um, yeah... so it's "stepped on a pop top..." unless you have super sharp poptarts, i'm not sure how they'd cut your heel. : )
    good post! that was super funny!

  3. I'm not sure what I am laughing more about right now - the "pop tart" or the original "flip flop" miscue! We love ya, Pitch. Thanks for the post!