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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

See ya in a year...

I fought the urge and temptation to go straight home and continue on my scrap booking mission last night. Instead, I traveled across town to my mom's house. Last night was Navy's last night in town. As much as he can frustrate me, I am really going to miss him. I know being oversea's is probably the best thing for him right now, but I am a bit concerned with how he is going to handle saying goodbye to his little girl today. They have been spending just about every day together, and she has been clinging to him like cheese on rice. She is so sensitive...I just hope she doesn't hold this against him for too long.
The evening began with a surf'n turf meal of steak and king crab legs. They were delicious. The night was rounded off by grandma getting completely wasted. I really had to bite my tongue around her last night. She always has a hard time saying goodbye, and in this instance, she "called in sick" to work and started drinking heavily at 4pm. She was doing shots of hot 100...pretty mature for an almost 50yo wouldn't ya say? I haven't been too interested in drinking lately. I don't know why, but I think seeing Grandma act the way she did last night has something to do with it.
The lowest point of the "drunken grandma experience" was when she started discussing the smoking habbits of her older brother (who is extremely overweight and diagnosed with COPD). She was rambling about how he told her he was going to quit smoking, but she was so irritated because he only quit for three days. I looked at her and asked her how many days she's gone without smoking in the past twenty years, to which she replied "Sometimes I don't smoke when I'm at work" which did not answer my question at all...She is so ignorant it kills me sometimes. I really had to bite my tongue, because I was EXTREMELY tempted to tell her that she is not invisible, and that in nine years when she reaches her brothers current age, the chances of her having COPD and a "death rattle" are very likely since she has been smoking a pack a day for over twenty years...but I didn't. I kept my mouth shut for a change. Sometimes I wonder how long I can bottle these feelings up. I wonder if I'll be able to keep my mouth shut when the day comes that her smoking catches up to her. I wonder if I'll let out a big I told ya so....I guess only time will tell.

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