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Monday, May 12, 2008

Twitter This.

I have jumped on a couple of internet bandwagons over the last year. First, myspace to keep in touch with Navy. Second, Facebook because I thought it was a really cool concept. Third, I started this blog. I have heard so much buzz about "Twitter" but I refuse to even check it out. The last thing this mama needs is yet another internet distration/addiction looming in the shadows, taunting me to sign on and "twit" (or whatever the bunk it's called). Instead of caving in, I have decided to use my blog as my own personal twitter :) (aren't I just the most non creative little genious EVAH!!)
I made it to work this morning, but I feel like royal pooh. My throat aches every time I attempt to swallow, and my head has had a constant naggin headache for over 24 hours. As much as I want to break down and cry, I have to stay positive and get through today...technically, there are only eight more hours to go! I'm.almost.there!
I hope everyone had a fantabulous Monday morning!! :)

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