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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good Night Hoping For a Pleasant Tomorrow

Good nights seem to always be overshadowed by an ailment of some sort. I was about to crawl into bed after a nice conversation with a new friend of mine, when my poor little man literally stumbled into my room, with cheeks blazing red. When I picked him up he literally felt like he was on fire. I turned to him and asked "What is going on with you sweety?" in which I received an "uuh." His temperature read 103. My heart sank for him. I don't know what kind of bug he caught this time, but all I know is medicine was administered and he settled back into his bed.
Around 1am he came and crawled into bed with me...but I must have been snoring or something, because shortly after he sneaked out of my bed, and I found him sleeping soundly in his own bed this morning! I felt horrible for dragging him out of bed to get ready for school this morning. His fever had mostly broke, but was still sitting a few decimals above normal, so another dose of meds insued.
He is such a trooper some days. He didn't put up a huge fight to get out of the door. I think he is going to take after his mama in terms of school..I am very thankful for that!


Tonight was the little man's first attempt at riding a two wheel bike!! It had training wheels, and its small frame was completely adorable. I managed to snap some pictures of the ordeal. Since I'm lazy, hopefully I'll post the pics within the next week!!

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  1. Yikes 103! Poor guy :( I tried to go to school every day, even if I was sick, then I really started to like the idea of a "mental health" day. I still do, actually.