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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am so thankful that tomorrow is the last day of the working week. Hopefully the upcoming weekend will yield a couple of stress-free and healthy days.
Earlier today, I had planned a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few staples for my house. I had to stay home from work due to complications beyond my control because little man could not attend daycare. We found a decent spot in the slightly busy parking lot, but as I was taking little man out of his car seat I noticed something that alarmed me. He had hives covering both of his hands, and running up both of his arms.
I made my best attempt to not freak out in front of him, but my insides were churning and all I wanted to do was start to cry. Will this little guy EVER GET BETTER?! We walked into the grocery store, and I immediately dialed the doctor. I spoke to a nurse while calmly pacing the isles of the grocery store. She recommended I bring him in to get him checked out sooner than later. I picked up non perishables, and we were headed to the Urgent Care.
The waiting room was a lot busier than I had expected. It took the triage nurse about a half an hour to even see little man, but once his name was called, it was only about fifteen minutes before the doctor came and saw him. Did I mention we had forgotten his blankie at home?? Yeah, that was a HUGE oops on my behalf!
The doctor came to the official conclusion (which I had already come to in my own head) that little man was, indeed, allergic to penicillin. I am extremely thankful that his reaction was not more severe. When we made it home, I gave him a small amount of benedryl, and we both laid down for a well deserved nap.
Tonight, his rash has still not fully disappeared. I am hoping by morning the tiny hives will be gone. Since they still need to treat the S word, they put him on a different I guess he will be under a close watch by me for the next couple of days.
I'm tired. It has been a long day, and a very long week.

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  1. i feel ya pain, sister. i am allergic to penicillin too. guess when i found out? SEVEN DAYS after taking three doses a day! can you IMAGINE the hives??? it was so awful. poor little man.