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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pandora's Box

Thanks to a night with my girl friends, I am in a lot of trouble. Last Friday, a bunch of girls got together for a fun filled girls night of being crafty...aka, scrap booking! I have never got into scrap booking before. I thought it looked extremely tedious (which it is) but I also never thought I had anything to "scrap book" about...Then I had little man.
Aside from writing small snipets about little man on here, I really didn't have a baby book complied for him (I am a horrible mother, yes...but we already knew that!). When he was a few months old, I wrote him about a half dozen "letters" which I was planning on giving to him when he was 18 (or something super cheesy like that..hehehe) but for whatever reason, I couldn't keep up with the letters. I also started a photo album..but it's not very fun to browse through because it is JUST words, no fun colored back drops, and no stickers.
I never realized how enormous the scrap booking market was...until I became hooked. I actually will admit I went shopping for supplies three times over the weekend...even sitting here, all I want to do is make a quick run to the store for some stickers for this page, or a fancy tool for that page... My only way of justifying my purchases are simple: I'm not spending my evenings at a bar, spending money on a product I can only enjoy for a, I am investing my money on organizing memories I have made with my little man (that sounds good, right?). I will definitely have to tighten my spending reigns, but since I went a bit crazy last weekend, I think I will survive with the tools and supplies that I have waiting for me to use at home.
Do you have a crafty vice that has a habit of consuming your thoughts and dollars? (Keep it clean peeps :p )


  1. I went into a scrapbooking store once, looking for a kind of paper someone told me might be there. If I could have psychically arranged for a second mortgage on our home, I would now be living in a twice-mortgaged house full to the brim of scrapbooking supplies I WOULDN'T EVEN BE USING. Oh, the joy of scrapbooking supplies!

  2. You should try digital scrapbooking. I like it much more than paper stuff. No mess and cheaper. :)Let me know if you want to see mine and I'll send you my Flickr addy.