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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now it's time to think think think!**

I have been pondering and brainstorming about how and what I can do to change my life around. I am so upset about my current state that it is taking anything and everything to hold back the tears, and put on a non-self-conscious smile at work. I have a good feeling I am going to break down in tears the second I get to my car...
SOOO, in order to combat my obese-ness, I am going to publicly pledge to do the following:
Cut down on television time - Since I'm not a huge re-run fan, I stopped watching a lot of television during the writers strike...and since the strike is over, I am going to make a plan to not watch more than 5 television shows per week.
Cut down on alcohol consumption - I really have been drinking a lot lately. Going out on the weekends has truly been soaring my caloric intake to new heights!! From this point on, I pledge to limit myself to one light beer, or one glass of dark red wine per social outing. This will prove to be difficult and challenging on a few upcoming occasions, but I WILL SURVIVE!
Really make an honest effort to hit up the fitness center or go for a walk during my lunch hour - I have been really BAD about doing this over the past month. I don't know what caused my lack of motivation...but I strongly feel that I can start this up again, and be successful!
Spend more quality time outside with Little Man - Yes, it sucks that we don't live in a house with a fenced in yard...but that will not prevent me from getting my chunk in gear and going to the park. It's only a short walk away...and kids little man's age NEVER get sick of the swings!!
Get to sleep at an early hour - If I make an honest effort to cut television out of my evening schedule, then I should have NO PROBLEM being in bed and sleeping by 9:15.
Attempt to restart the workout dvd's I purchased around the holidays- If I make an honest effort to get to bed early, I should have NO PROBLEM waking up a half hour earlier, and running through a ten minute dvd. I think it will also help me get more immediate results if I am dedicating two separate times during my day to exercise.
Stick to my pledge - I can really use all of the help and support on this as I can get. I am begging and pleading for support (imagine the most desperate voice in the world..and that is me right now!). Since I don't have a man to focus on (other than little man of course) I should be able to do this without my hand being held. Unfortunately, this is not the case for me. Not only do I need someone holding my hand, but in a lot of ways I need someone pulling me by the hair on my head (OK, I'm not THAT get the idea though...)

**Does anyone know where the title of this post comes from?? You should if you're a parent of a toddler!!!


  1. Good luck with the self-improvement, Stacy.

  2. you can do it, stace! your friends still think you're beautiful, even if you are having a lot of self-doubt right now. focus on the good stuff--you have awesome hair, for example. and a fun laugh. and you're a good mommy.
    i heard that if you get more sleep, your weight can drop. who knew it might be that easy? ;)
    don't be so hard on yourself. there's nothing wrong with improving yourself, but don't beat yourself up in the process.