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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Dreaded Five Letter S Word

It all began two nights ago. My poor little man came stumbling in, cheeks blazing red, and completely discombobulated. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't diagnose him....I couldn't make him feel better, and I really did feel horrible. I did what most parents of a toddler who wakes up with a fever do, I administered some Motrin, and prayed that his fever would be gone by morning.
The next day, he still woke up feverish...I am a stubborn mommy, and was still trying to wait his illness out, so I dosed him with some more Motrin, and dropped him off at daycare (hoping he would make it through the day, and that this ailment had passed).
At lunch time, I received the call.
His teacher broke the bad news to me. Little man had another temperature of 103 and was NOT doing well. I raced out of work, worried what this nasty fever actually meant. I couldn't get to his daycare fast enough..I ignored almost every speed limit sign there was to ignore..and when I arrived at daycare, little man was passed out sleeping. He looked so sweet and innocent. He looked like my little baby. I picked him up and the second his eyes opened he let out a "mommy!" It melted my heart. I told him "mommy's here sweety," and we were on our way home. The entire afternoon he had a fever...At one point, he actually pushed me away, declared "MOVE MAMA! GO AWAY!" I was dumbfounded, but at the same time, it was pretty cute! A few minutes after I was told to leave, he came hobbling up to me, and wanted to cuddle. The kid was still burning up, and ended up snuggling in and going taking a nap in my arms. I has spoken with his new clinic, and they did not want to see him until his fever had lasted longer than 72 hours. This left me a bit uneasy.
This morning, I decided to give the good ol' minute clinic a try. We were third in line to see the Nurse Practitioner. It was totally our luck that the patients being seen were friends of the practitioner....a five minute appointment took about 25 minutes. I was a bit peeved. The two people in front of us were in and out in a flash, and then it was our turn. She checked his ears, and noticed a LITTLE redness in one...and then she decided to check his throat. When he opened his mouth for her she gasped and said "Oh Dear!" I kid you not, she acted as if she had just seen something horrible. She looked at me and said "I think he has Strep..." For the second time in two days, my heart sank. $75 dollars later we were on our way to G-ma's house.
We were a few blocks away when my phone rang. It was Ramona, from the minute clinic. Apparently, Ramona had miscalculated little mans penicillin she asked if I wouldn't mind returning to get his medicine relabeled with the correct dosage. I literally wanted to reach through my phone and b-slap her. The clinic was completely out of my way, but I obliged, and now have the correct label on his medicine bottle. I hope this is the one and only time that the five letter S word is used in my house. I hope I don't catch this terribly catchy bug. And thank GOD it's not worse!!


  1. :(
    Oh no! I got strep all the time when I was little and it was rough! The penicillin kicks in fast though. Hope Little Man is feeling better soon.

  2. oh. strep is never fun. at any age. I hope he feels better soon, and you don't catch it...