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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Gabbing

Today, I discovered something that made me smile. I went downstairs to pick up lunch from the deli. The men who work there are all very nice. I think most, if not all, come from a South American country (I only point this out because of slight cultural differences I have noticed). Most speak English as a second language. Most also flirt with me when I order my lunch. I know they flirt with just about every woman that walks in the door, but whenever I order, they focus on me. Sometime they ask me my name, sometimes the ask if I speak Spanish. It is extremely innocent flirting, and it almost always makes me smile. I know attention like this has the potential to freak some women out, but not this mama. I find it flattering that they take the time to pay attention...I am almost certain it is just part of their culture. It's nice to know I can almost always count on them to make me smile.


I've been thinking a lot about censorship lately. The thoughts started running through my head after a good friend of mine asked me a few questions about little-man's father. In a nutshell, I know that words can be twisted against a person. Since little-man's father is currently not in my life (nor do I ever want to see his drugged out face again..can ya sense a bit of rage mixed with a dash of hostility? Yeah, thought so..) I started wondering if my words would/could ever be used against me in a court of law. I try to remain fairly anonymous, and aside from posting VERY FEW pics, the only people who know me are a handful of close friends who I've told about my blog. I tend to be fairly sarcastic, and a bit melodramatic in my writing (who isn't?! that's the beauty of the blog, right??) but I know and have heard of people who have had their entries misconstrued by legal entities, and I have the smallest amount of fear that it could happen to me to.
So, what's a single mama to do? Do I stop posting about little-man altogether? I have relied so much on venting some of my thoughts, frustrations and opinions via my posts..and it has relieved me of so much of my frustrations of single parenthood. It's not fair that I should have to censor myself due to the smallest possibility that my words could be used against me....Do I have any sort of protection to prevent such a thing from happening? I guess I am a bit clueless on this topic...Maybe someone out there who reads this can help me out...? I'm at a point where I am expecting the worst possible answer, but still hoping for the best.


  1. It's annoying, but I think you can set privacy settings so people have to log in to read your blog. As the author you control who is on "the list." Then again...there's something kind of cool about something so exclusive...

    I'm sure it's not a complete fix, but it's a solid start.

  2. Thanks Strieges. In a selfish way, I really like getting random comments from people across the I'm a bit torn about tightening my privacy restrictions. What's a mama to do!!