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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life's Little Pleasures

Today, I am relishing in options. I COULD post more whiny garbage about my life, but instead, I am choosing higher ground. I am going to let you in on a few silly things little man has done that has just made me crack up.
After his bath last night, we were cuddling on the couch watching the last few minutes of Idol. This seems to be one of little man's favorite shows, and if he's going to sit still for a few minutes to settle down at night, I'm all for it. A couple of silly things happened in the fifteen minutes we were sitting together.
When David Archuletta was finished singing, little man let out a "wow, good!" and then proceeded to clap with the rest of the AI audience. Either he is starting to formulate his own opinions, or he is becoming a zombie to television like most of America. Either way, it was DARN cute! During a commercial break, out of NOWHERE little man started singing "jingle bells"! My jaw dropped to the floor and I could not help but laugh at him. When I asked him where he learned that song he replied "Santa Claus"....yeah, he definitely has a great imagination.
He has also adapted this really funny high pitched giggle. He uses this giggle in an attempt to distract me. For example, this morning when I was getting him ready, he started giggling and giving me oggly eyes when I went to put his socks on. Yes, sometimes it tickles when someone else puts your socks on, but he was giggling before I even touched his tiny feet. I would rather have him laughing than crying though!!
Little man has also been ADAMANT about doing things himself. Things that are far beyond his years like tying his own shoes. It's really cute, and my "mommy patience" has definitely kicked into overdrive. Our normal time allotment has doubled itself, but it's alright because it's really amazing to see him actually working things out and being successful at life's small challenges. He now can put on his own footie pj's (with only the SMALLEST amount of direction...). At jambo time, he looks at me and says "I do it, mama." When he has his jambo's on he has the biggest grin on his face and is gleaming with pride. I love seeing him conquer new things...its sweet simplicity is a heart warming reminder that my baby is growing up.

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