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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Moments

Little man is constantly cracking me up lately.
He has an uncanny enthusiasm for "gabage tucks" (which are almost always dump trucks..but he hasn't quite been able to remember that yet...) is hilarious! He is normally a quiet kid...even when we are on walks and he spouts something off to me I almost always have to ask him to repeat himself while I bend forward for a closer listen. I try and tell him to speak up, but I don't think he's completely figured out how to control the VOLUME of his VOICE. I am alright with's just the way he does things... But the second he sees something that he feels like he has discovered, he lets out a loud bellow so EVERYONE knows that HE found it. I chuckle just about every time it happens...even if it's the fifth time in less than five minutes :)
This morning, on my way to drop him off at "school", I busted him singing "choo choo, choo choo." So, like any silly mom such as myself would do, I started singing this semi-annoying/fun choo choo song I had picked up from watching toons with him. The second he knew what I was doing he shouted "NOOO CHOO CHOO MAMA!" I still can't decide if he said/shouted this at me because he wasn't in the mood to listen to mama; mama sucks at singing; or a combination of the two. Either way, his baby-tude was pretty funny...especially at 7am this morning!!
The morning after the lotion incident I had set little man up to watch some toons while mama finished getting ready for work. When I walked back to our living room to put his shoes on, I realized he had discovered ANOTHER BOTTLE OF LOTION. This time, instead of eating it, he had globbed it on his face. He looked up at me and said "Pretty Mama!" with a big toddler grin on his face. Instead of getting frustrated, I laughed..and helped him rub it in, reassuring him that "Yes, are very pretty."
It's moments like these that really make being a parent sweet.

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  1. Maybe the volume of his voice is to match the volume of the trucks?