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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Where to begin?
I'll start out by asking if Baby Lotion is poisoness. Wierd question, right? It's not so wierd if you have a sneaky toddler who you busted with the bottle of lotion to his mouth, sucking it down like it was sweet and delicious, when he was SUPPOSED to be in bed sleepigng.
I have began to dabble in searching online personal ads again. About six months ago I was very intent on finding a special someone in my life, then I had an awakening and realized I don't need anyone, therefore, I stopped looking. Now I have arrived at the thought of wanting a relationship unlike any that I currently have. A person who I can share silly moments with, who expects me to share these moments with him, and not look at these silly happenings as burdens. A person who I can call at a moments notice, and can make me smile and feel better without saying a word. I don't think this is something I straight out need, but it's something I want. It's very selfish, I know.
I did a bit of self reflecting yesterday before I started reading the personals. I could go on and on about how my feelings have been a little bruised in terms of dating, but I will spare you. Instead, I will proclaim my dating independence. As of yesterday, I am going to find love on my own. If a friend just so happens to set me up, then great, but I am no longer depending on it happening. I am willing to take risks, and will do my best to enjoy the ride.


  1. The little one I nanny tries to eat Desetin all the time! Silly children.

    I hope you find the love your looking for :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. Isn't Real World a sick pleasure? I'm guessing you got to my blog from willikat or Angie's site. Either way, thanks for stopping by. Just wanted to drop in and say hello.