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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I still feel like poo...Hopefully, with a couple more full nights of sleep, this will pass.

I had a very interesting discussion about sexual harassment with a few co-workers today. Apparently, my boss had been a victim of harassment before policies, procedures, and strong HR departments were in place at a carpet distribution company (this was waaay back in the day). I got to thinking how horrible it would feel to have unwanted gestures of affection sent my way on a daily basis. She had to suffer through notes left at her desk, affectionate voice mails left at all hours of the night, him telling her he was following her home, all the while she was happily about creepy huh?!
Another co-worker shared a story about one of her employees (also from waaaay back in the day) was a lesbian alcoholic. At first, I was like "why does her sexual orientation matter?" but I went along with the flow, and when the story was over, it all made sense. Apparently, this lady had shown up rip-roaring drunk at a bowling league my coworker was in. The drunkie was making a huge scene, and my coworker pulled the drunkie aside and had asked her to stop...when my coworker went out to her car that night, her windshield was smashed!! Apparently, a few years later, the drunkie went into treatment, and tracked down my co-worker again...basically apologizing as a part of her treatment. My coworker also said that in drunkie's apology, it was made clear that drunkie only hurt my coworker because she loved her....drunkie left after her love-confessed-apology, and was never heard of again.
I thought about disclosing my "little-man's father who was also a coworker of mine and I had to file a restraining order against him but still work 15 feet away from him for a while until I quit because I couldn't handle it anymore" story..but I kept my mouth shut, reserving that story for those who read my blog, and my close friends. It's a personal story, and I wouldn't want my coworkers to lose respect for me, or get the wrong impression. It was a mistake I made when I was young, naive, and thought I knew everything. I am still relatively young, have become less naive (but still have moments of weakness) and know practically nothing about anything.
Have you ever been placed in an uncomfortable working situation? Do you know anyone who has? How did you, or the person you know, handle the situation?

Note: There was also a mini discussion about a guy at my work who was setup by a female (both of which no longer work here) and in turn lost his wife, and it can definitely go both ways!!

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  1. not sexual harassment, but one of my co-workers has been verbally abusive before. not just to me, but to my bosses even (who dont do anything about it). he's 30+ years older than me, and one day lost his temper and swore at me. i had to stand up for myself and put him in his place. i was so pissed, i think smoke came out of my ears. he hasn't done it since, but if he ever does it again, he will feel the wrath that is angie