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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of The Heart!

The news has been talking about the total lunar eclipse that is supposed to take place if you haven't heard, and you're in MN, it is supposed to look pretty cool around 9:30pm..and won't happen again until 2010!
The weather has been so fricken cold lately! We always get these silly teaser "heat waves" where the mecury jumps to around 30F, but then plummets to -10 below zero for days on end! It is also a very difficult time of year, because when you look outside, you see a bright sunny day...but then get BLASTED with the bitterly brutal weather the second you step outside. When I was walking the mail down today, I glanced outside and realized even the grass looked like it was sick of this nasty weather! I think it would be a great idea to give people in MN free vacations to someplace warm this time of year. It could be in the form of a voucher or something...ESPECIALLY for us single parents...or single people in general who are broke but working full time...yeah, I think I've come up with a brilliant idea...Now I just have to figure out how to get T-Paw (Pawlenty) to pass this and make it happen..."YES WE CAN!" hahaha
Little-man survived his b-day with poise and dignity. I threw together a small impromptu party that consisted of the grandparents, his great aunt and uncle, and a handful of friends :) He was super happy and I think this was the best birthday so far. I had to assist him with blowing out his "2" candle..but he was close to doing it on his own (he just got a little too close to the flame, so mama had to go in for the assist). I still believe that the mama's should be celebrated on their children's b-day...and you can bet your bottom dollar that little-man will be WELL AWARE of this with each birthday that passes.

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