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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy HumpDay!

The weather in the great state of MN hasn't been too horrible lately. I'm a big fan of grey days..the sun hurts my eyes! Plus, we've had mild enough temperatures where the roads have stayed wet, but not icey!!
The past couple of days have been a pleasant reminder that spring is almost here! YIPPEE! My two favorite seasons are Spring and Fall..I can't wait for the tulips to start coming up, and the grass to turn green, and the cool mornings followed by the comfortable days..aahh, who wouldn't love that?!
Spring also brings BASEBALL with it! GO TWINS! I am having metrodome withdrawls. It sounds wierd that I would long for a trip to the large inflatable toilet..but there's something about the crack of the bats, a beer and a dome dog that has a tight grip on my heart. This baseball season brings the twinkies one step closer to a new and fantastic ball park...I am so excited to feel the ambiance outdoor baseball will bring to MN. What a lovely thing!
Hope everyone is having a Happy HumpDay!

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  1. i love hot dogs and coke at the metrodome. can't beat it.