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Friday, February 22, 2008


Lately, my two year old has been pushing my buttons so much, that I have contemplated donating him to one of those corner clothes drop-offs (the thought has only crossed my mind twice in the last twenty-four hours...gimme a break, he's a tough cookie!). My cousin told me those drop-off sites only accepted clothes, to which I responded "he'll be in clothes, doesn't that count for something?" In reality, I love little-man. In reality, he will grow out of this nasty phase of life before I know it. In reality, I take his actions too personally...
Instead of referring to little-mans current behavior as the "terrible-two's", I will refer to it as his "sour-patch-kid-phase." Little man exhibits extremely sour behavior, then becomes very sweet...just like those silly sourpatch kid commercials. Hopefully the "spkp" will not last longer than a year, but with my luck, it will continue until he's out of the house and graduated from college!
The only thing on my agenda for this weekend is laundry, and some quality time wiht little-man and bop. I swear, I have about 15-20 loads to wash and put away...I'm.Not.Excited! I'm sure there will be something crazy that happens. If and when it happens, I'm sure I'll write about it! Happy Friday!

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