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Monday, February 11, 2008

First Kiss

I am being slightly unoriginal, but I thought people might enjoy here goes. The story of my first kiss is about the furthest thing away from a fairy tale.
Let's rewind back to high school. I wasn't an unpopular kid, but most of my friends were a couple of years older than me. I was an athlete, and hung around the current team that I participated in. One summer night, my friend C invited me to a party. It was at a guys house (which I soon found out was a trailer) in L.C. I was only fifteen, had never smoked, or even tried smoking, and the only alcoholic drink I had held was the one I would get out of the fridge to deliver to my parents occasionally on the weekend. The second we walked into the house you were bamboozled with the smell of booze and cigarettes. I was a little nervous because I didn't want this experience to jeopardize my athletic eligibility, but I wanted to fit in just as I went along with the flow.
I didn't know a single person (other than the girls I arrived with). I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol. I didn't smoke a single puff of a cigarette. I mostly just sat and observed. It was such an interesting and foreign dynamic...underage drinking. Breaking rules. All was something I rarely even thought about.
He got up, and went outside for what he claimed was "fresh air." My naive self followed, thinking it would be a great opportunity to talk with someone new..and a boy at that (how exciting for a fifteen year old who had never had a boyfriend). His voice was very distinct. Slurring his words non stop. I mistook his lack of verbal skills as just being a combination of being tired, and happy at the same time. I was so naive.
After what felt like hours of talking, he all of the sudden said he was going to be sick. I told him it was alright, and rubbed his back while he ralphed off of the side of the steps. It was pretty disgusting, but I am a caretaker, and I just couldn't leave someone in distress.
The next few moments happened too fast for me to have any control or say. He wiped his face off from puking, looked at me, and then decided would be a great time to shove his tongue down my throat. I was frozen like a dear in headlights. Being too nice to slap him for even trying, I went along with it. After all, he was nice enough to sit and talk with me, the least I could do was return the kiss (yeah, I had totally forgiven him for blowing chunks in front of me...and not even having water or a breath mint before diving straight at me with his tongue...what a gentleman huh?)
I was the most naive and shy fifteen year old that I've ever known. I can only hope to learn from this experience...never follow a drunk guy outside, it will only lead to years of regret.


  1. that sounds horrible!
    sorry your first kiss was so tragic. hope the second was much, much, light years, much better.

  2. Thanks...I wish the second kiss was the first. And yes, it was much better :)