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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Update

My weekend started last Thursday (hence the long stretch between the bloggin...please forgive!). I took Friday off of work, because I was going to the Dallas Wild game with a good friend of mine. Thursday afternoon was extremely rushed (with picking up little-man, racing home to change and get little-man and Grandpa situated for the night...etc, I think you get the idea). We decided we were going to catch a shuttle to the game, which worked out pretty great. We were able to enjoy some happy hour taps before heading to the Xcell..Our seats at the game were fricking awesome! We were seven rows off of the glass pretty close to center ice. We were also on the penalty box side, so we had a great view of the benches. There was a fight between Voros and some Dallas guy that broke out right in front of us too. There's something about two guys throwing their gloves off to pummel each other that gets my heart pumping...I love hockey! We froze our rears off waiting for the shuttle to pick us up after the game, (we lost 1-0), but it was a great night of hard skating hockey...The perfect start to my birthday.
Friday was the big day. I am now an official 25 year old single mom, with a few gray hairs to prove it. When I was in high school, I told myself I would be engaged at 24, and married at 26. My life hasn't exactly followed my expectations and I wouldn't trade little-man for anything. I dropped little-man at daycare, and headed off to the mall to treat myself to some shopping, lunch and a movie. On the way to the mall, my dad called so i invited him to spend some time with me. We went to lunch, walked around the mall a little bit, and went to a movie. It was a great day. I really need to make a better effort to spend time like that with my dad. We couldn't decide on a movie to go and see (which is part of the reason why I had initially planned on going's so much less stressful to decide since you're only contemplating with yourself!). He really wanted me to see Juno..and as apprehensive as I was, I agreed to the decision, and Juno it was. I did enjoy it. I won't give anything away, but would definitely recommend to rent it when it comes out on DVD (it's not a movie you NEED to see in the theaters). Friday afternoon we raced to get little-man, and then get ready and make it to dinner by 5:15. I find it crazy how fast the time flies when you want it to slow down!! Dinner with the family was great. I really do love getting together and visiting. It is also something that doesn't happen as often as I would like it to.
Grandma took little-man after dinner, and I headed out with my friends for a seven corners pub crawl. A lot of people made it out, and I was so happy to be out on a Saturday night with a great group of peeps. To those of you who couldn't make it due to illness, I hope you're feeling better, and ya missed a great night! When we walked into the bar there were balloons and flowers everywhere (I know what you're thinking, cuz I was thinking the same thing!) It turns out, a bartender/owners gf shared the same birthday as me, and they were throwing her a huge 30 birthday bash. It was the busiest I've seen the Corner Bar in a looooong time! I'm glad there were people though, and it was fun to pretend all of the hoopla was for me ;)
Our next stop was Bullwinkle's. There was some crazy contest amongst testosterone filled men, that proved to be quite entertaining, going on. They were doing pull-ups, having coney-dog eating contests, slamming brews. It produced some great laughs.
We skipped town hall (cuz it's too swanky for me) but decided to go to the holiday inn hotel bar. It was a pleasant surprise! We all had a place to sit, were all able to chat without having to shout over loud bar noise...and the bartender, B, was happy to see some peeps hanging out in her usually empty bar.
After the Inn, we headed to Grandma's. Let me tell you, if you ever have any future plans to go to Grandma's at seven corners, change your plans to somewhere else. It has really gone down hill. There were hardly ANY PEOPLE, the dance floor was empty the entire night (except when M, B, C and I showed off our crazy dance moves!
We rounded the night off back at the CB (Preston's is currently closed for renovations, and is also under new management...which was a bummer cuz a 7 corners pub crawl is NOT the same without at least 1 fishbowl involved!)
All-in-all, I drank a lot, laughed a lot, and had a helluva great time! If I could do it all over again, I don't think I would change a thing!
Saturday was recovery day, and I spent a large chunk of it at my mom's sleeping on the couch. Gotta love Grandma!
Saturday night was a little girls party, which entailed some GREAT food and lots of laughs....which brings me to Sunday. I've put a dent in my laundry, gone grocery shopping, prepared my lunches for the next week..and now I'm about to crash. I know this has been a long, wordy and extremely hard to follow post..but I guess that's the theme of my life right now!..and I gotta love it, cuz it's the only life I have! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! To all of my peeps...thanks again for making my quarter century b-day a lot less scary and a helluva lot more fun! I love y'all!!!

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