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Monday, February 11, 2008

Gentle Reminder...

Dear Little-Man,
I just wanted to remind you that you are a boy...a boy that does not need (nor hopefully will ever need) to wear make-up. I feel the need to remind you of this because I recall you taking Mommy's cover-up and throwing it into some crevasse where Mommy can't find it. May I pleasantly remind you, Mommy needs her make-up...she is extremely scary without it. If, some day, you feel an urgent need to wear make-up on a regular basis, I will still love you, but for right now, please keep your adorable grubby little-man hands off.
I love you to pieces, and I hope you're learning a lot at school today! If you feel the need to discuss this any further, please feel free to pull me aside. I am always there to listen, especially to you.

Hugs'n Kisses,

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