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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5:00 - Race to pick up little-man
5:30 - Race to Tires Plus due to deflated car tire I've been driving on for three days
6:00 - Go to dinner with pseudo husband and little-man
7:00 - Go to Hellmart to pick up little-man birthday invites for the party that grandma is MAKING me throw...grrr
7:30 - While walking around Hellmart, I decide to call TiresPlus to see when my car will be finished, and am told it would be at least a half hour (they close at 8...grrr)
8:02 - Race to TiresPlus, only to find out they JUST started looking at my tire...send little-man home with pseudo hubby (in hopes he would put little-man to bed, since it was very past his bedtime).
8:30 - Finally get my car back, after having to shell out 25 bucks for a nail that I never even saw (and it probably didn't exist because TiresPlus is the greedy spawn of satin!)
8:50 - Arrive home to find little-man sitting in the living room playing...double grrr
9:30 - Am extremely tired so I decide I am going to go to sleep
9:35 - Instead, decide to re-pot a plant I got from work today
9:55 - Decide it would be a great idea to clean and rearrange my living room to make way for two couches I am receiving from M due to her move to Sweden....why I waited until almost 10 to start this clean is beyond me!
11:05 - Still tired as hell, wondering why I am awake typing at the computer on this blog for the third time today

My name is Stacy and I'm a blogoholic...The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...right?

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  1. sounds like a long night, hope you're having a better day today!