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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Life; Up-To-Date

1)For some reason, I just HAD to watch the 20/20 special about the last hours of Natalee Holloway last night. If you don't remember, she was the girl who disappeared in Aruba while on a class trip. The story contained many disturbing details. First, she did what I used to do in the past (which is go out with some friends, find myself completely drunk, and hitting on random guys at the bar). I didn't go wild and crazy all of the time, but it only took one wrong guy for her, and she ended up at the bottom of the sea...Second, the guy she was last with HIGHLY resembles little-man's dad. This gave me the shivers down my spine, especially to know there are two (most likely more) brown haired brown eyed guys that are equally as immoral and extremely skeevey. The complete details of her last minutes alive will never be known, but at least the authorities have a more accurate idea of the moments leading up to her disappearance. My mom-gut tells me there's more to the story than "All of a sudden she started shaking, and then she was dead" I think he was more of a contributing factor to her demise, plus, the thought of him and his accomplice dumping that poor girl into ocean when she was just passed puts a knot into my stomach.
2)The financial dude, who I will refer to as Hottie, stopped by today. I am financially stupid. I am not the best at managing money, but at least I know I have a lot to learn. I have a huge crush on Hottie. His name doesn't even do him justice. He's gorgeous, well kept, put together, and has an awesome demeanor (so maybe he has a wife and a little one...). I feel like I'm sexually harrassing him via my blog, thank god nobody from work knows/reads this!!
3)Little Man has really been cracking me up lately. Car rides have turned into mini adventures (most of the time...sometimes, he creeps back into his screaming tantrum mode in the car..but those have become fewer and far between, THANK GOD!). When we are on the way to his "school" in the morning, he searches out for school busses, and gets extremely excited when he spots one. It's good stuff. He has also started to show me he knows how to pretend. In the mornings, he looks at me and says "Cry", and with a huge smile on his face he pretends to cry, then breaks out in his little-man's also good stuff! As much as I feel torn between being a single-almost 25 yr old, and being a mom, I really do love that little guy.
4)That darn groundhog saw his shadow last weekend. I was a little bummed when I heard this..but then I remembered that MN ALWAYS has at LEAST six more weeks of winter...regardless of that silly little rodent.
5)I still love my job. I have fallen into a comfort level that makes me a little nervous. I procrastinate a little more, work a little less, but still manage to complete everything that has been thrown my way, and still keep everyone smiling. It makes me happy to know I am in such a great office. I have also witnessed the first petty office drama. I won't get too into it (in case someone from work does happen to stumble across this...) but it was over as soon as it began. In a way, it made me feel like I was part of a semi-dysfunctional family.
6)As excited as I am to go out this friday, I am a bit nervous about the night. I know there are going to be people there from different parts of my life. When nights like this happen, I get nervous that not everyone will get along, or that I will hurt someone's feelings if I don't hang out with them enough..yes, I'm such a girl! I'm also contemplating on banning camera's. I feel like crap about my physical state (so why would I spend a night drinking? good question!). It is so much easier to eat, and bitch about my chub than it is to put my big arse onto a treadmill...why is that?!
*7) I ordered flowers for my Mom today. It is the first time I've ever sent flowers to someone. The flowers are for my birthday on the 8th, and after having little-man, I think it's extremely important to show thanks for the people that gave you life on your birthday. I know it sounds cheesey...but I guess that's me today! I hope she is pleasantly surprised :) She started her job a few months ago, and I know it's been a frustrating experience for her. I hope it brings a smile to her face!

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