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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Drop that!

I am going to cut straight to the point....I think I am a name dropper. Is this a bad trait? I mostly notice it when I am at work, talking with co-workers...I will say "I was just telling so-and-so about ___(insert whatever random topic I'm talking about)__..."
I haven't been able to decide if this is a really bad habbit, if it's annoying, or if it's a combination of both. I know people get a little urked when people celebrity name drop to make themselves seem cooler, but I'm not a celebrity, and I'm not droppin names to gain social status. (I will be the first to tell you, if I did know a celebrity, I'd be droppin names like it's hawt)
I think I drop names as a way to remind me of who I've already talked to about "said subject"...but also as a way of making myself feel more secure about the context of my words. In the past, I have been in environments where I have been discredited for no reason other than complete political dung, and I think my name droppin is a coping mechanism to make myself feel better.
I was told yesterday that I have good communication skills, but will my name dropping habbit tarnish my good communication reputation? Only time will tell...If this doesn't make sense to you...sorry...but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either!

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