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Thursday, December 13, 2007


It is amazing how much can actually happen within the span of 24 hours. On my way to pick up little-man last night, a good friend and neighbor, Jane Johnson, called and asked if she could hang out with the babers so I could get some random house cleaning done (I'm having some girls over for dinner on Friday, and my procrastination bug has bitten me in the rear...The house is a mess!!). I took her up on this offer without hesitation because I really didn't feel like getting screamed at, and a break (even for just an hour) sounded lovely. After dropping little-man off, I happily drove the two blocks home and went inside with the best intentions to clean. I loaded the dishwasher, changed into comfy clothes, and decided I would rather socialize with my friends who I don't see too often in the winter (since we don't participate in a winter softball league). When I arrived back at Jane's house, I was greeted by a happy as can be toddler, who was making the entire room laugh with his silly antics. This made me breath a sigh of relief, even though I still cannot figure out why little-man is so horrible to me, but so lovely to everyone else...It is certainly a mystery to me!
Instead of being the responsible mom, I decided to hang out and chat for a while (especially because little-man was being so well behaved, and quite the entertainer too). His bedtime came and went...and all I was thinking was "This is gonna suck tomorrow morning" and "I can't believe he's lasting this long without being a total stinker!" It is amazing how recharged you feel after spending an evening laughing with some good friends. I definitely enjoyed myself :D
This morning my mom-prediction was dead on. Little-man was HORRIBLE during our morning routine (I felt a twinge of guilt because I knew it was my fault). It was a little rewarding to know I could handle his fussiness. Although he was quite cranky, he was trying to cuddle with me as I was getting him dressed...almost like he was trying to go back to sleep (so if you could tune out the "crying" it was kind of cute). When we got to his little person school, I warned his teacher he might not be in the best mood...which she replied "Ya know, whenever parent's say that their children are crabby, the kids always end up acting great!" (I never know if I should take this as a compliment, or if I should get frustrated because he's so nasty with me most of the time...)
On my drive into work I was doing my morning channel surfing to avoid the commercials. I have been listening to a few of KDWB's xmas wish bits to fill my morning with a bit of holiday cheer (there is something about public gift giving without asking for a thing in return that makes my heart smile). I am very cautious when I listen to these bits because I am a fairly emotional person at times...and yes, they make me cry. So, as I'm channel surfing, I fall upon the xmas wish station, and the story they are telling makes my eyes well. In a nutshell, it was about a mom who was defending her kids at the bus-stop, and has nothing in her home, blah blah blah (not to discredit the story, but I just don't feel like typing the whole thing out). KDWB took their xmas wish theme to a new level this morning. After telling the lady how many awesome things she was getting, they decided to play a "christmas wish song" that one of their employees had put together. It was one of those classic "put peoples statements in the middle of an already sad sounding song" kind of things. Needless to say, I was ugly crying in less than 10 seconds! Why I didn't just change it back to 93x, I cannot tell ya! I felt a little less silly about ugly crying on my way into work when I heard one of the DJ's admit that if she had been listening at home, she would be ugly crying too...So I knew I wasn't the only one!!
I can't think of what else I wanted to write about, but I think I've done an alright job of jotting my current thoughts for the time being...sorry if this was long winded and drawn out! Hope you're all having a great, sunny day....and I hope you don't find yourself ugly crying anytime soon...unless of course it is during one of those xmas wish bits! Later!

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