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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Little-man has his first official favorite movie...Shrek the Third. It all started when Grandpa decided to bring the movie over a couple of weeks ago. We all sat down together, and little-man actually sat through a fairly large chunk of the movie. Little did I realize what was about to happen in the days and weeks to come...
Every time little-man and I are home, he will randomly walk up to me and say "Check..Check...peeez!" which translates to "Shrek, Shrek...PLEASE!" When I turn the movie on he literally jumps for joy and starts giggling. He only sits through about a half hour, and then resumes his normal play habbits..but I find his adoration to the film quite adorable. It's a good think his first favorite movie isn't some annoying version of Barney, or a super crappy animated movie!
I hope I don't come off as a bad mom...but to save me from a toddler temper tantrum, the darn movie has been played over a dozen times since it first arrived at my house...You really have to pick and choose battles with toddlers..and this one I am going to let slide for now (especially since it gives me a half hour of quiet cuddle time which is VERY rare for an almost two year old boy!)

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